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Warning Signs Of Burn Out

By: Tanushree Kulkarni
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In this age of cutting throat competition, we often lead a hectic life. We work more than 12 hours, we work on weekends and even on holiday for the fear of being left out in the race. But have you ever wondered if all these extra hours could actually backfire and lead you to feeling burnt out?

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That extra work load could lead to decreasing productivity and chronic stress. So, how do you know that burning the midnight oil everyday could just lead to under-eye bags or a health hazard?

According to a survey, job burnout is the biggest challenge for our health and job related stress is becoming far common than ever in this competitive world. If you are also experiencing the signsthat we have compiled below then it is time you step back and take a look at your priorities and reconsider your work-life balance

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Here are 8 signs which shout out loud that you could be heading towards a burnout.


You Are Exhausted… All The Time

So, it is quite natural to be tired sometimes but if you are feeling exhausted all the time then it means you are working harder than usual and that you aren't taking rest. Not only this, you are also physically and mentally drained all the time. Then, it could be a sign that you heading towards a burnout. It is important to keep a check on how you feel and treat the signs such as no energy or exhaustion with respect. .


When You Are Struggling To Think

Are you struggling to pay attention? Are you struggling to concentrate? Are your cognitive abilities impaired? If the answer to all these questions is a yes then, it could be a sign that you are heading on a road to being burnt out. When you are more stressed out than usual, it has a negative impact on your body. Body's ability to concentrate diminishes greatly. You tend to become more forgetful or indecisive. These are signs that you might be heading towards a burn out.


When Negativity Engulfs You

If you are feeling more pessimistic than normal, then it is a definitely a sign of burn out. Negative emotions are normal but when it becomes more common and you have a persistent depressed feeling then you know it is time to seek medication.


Fading Enthusiasm

If your enthusiasm for life or the work you do is fading, if you find yourself demotivated and unhappy all the time, then you may be burnt out. While all of us have to work towards feeling motivated but if you are having a persistent feeling of demotivation then it is a sign that you may be suffering burn out.


Picking Arguments

If you are picking up too many arguments at your workplace, with your spouse or colleagues and friends then it could be a sign of burn out. Likewise if you withdraw urself in your shell, talk to people less, then it could be a sign of burn out. In such cases, it is required that people in your surrounding deal with you with patience and understanding.


You Are Not On Top Of Your Game

It is a sign when you are adopting unethical coping techniques, when you are smoking or drinking heavily, when you are eating too much junk, binge watching tv, bunking exercise regime and the list goes on... These coping strategies are common during burn out. Take help of your family members, your GP before it is too late. It is easier to seek help before it is too late.


You Are Preoccupied With Something

If you are always preoccupied with something and the work, the project, client or the boss aren't in your thoughts, then it is actually a sign that you are burnt out. It is a warning sign to take a time off work and to stop thinking about work for some time to rejuvenate your body and mind.


Lacking Motivation

When you aren't enthusiastic about work or for anything in general then there is a good chance that you are heading towards a burn out.

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