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12 Reasons To Stay Hydrated In Monsoon


During the monsoon season, you rarely find yourself feeling thirsty which is why many just don't drink enough water. But did you know by skipping water during the monsoon season you are causing more harm to your body?

Staying hydrated in the monsoon season is a must whether you feel thirsty or not. Consuming foods that are water based can be of great help to the body too. Hydration in monsoon keeps at bay a lot of diseases which tend to thrive only during this weather.


When a good amount of water is present in the body it also drives away joint aches, aids in rapid weight loss and most importantly keeps the immunity levels up. The moment you feel lethargic and weak, realise that it is the first sign of dehydration. Therefore, make it a point to consume five litres of water daily to keep yourself healthy.

Take a look at the many reasons to stay hydrated in monsoon.


Helps In Good Blood Circulation

Water is good for the blood. It helps to prevent blood clots and is also good for circulation. It is essential for heart and stroke patients to consume a lot of water everyday.


Helps To Keep Diseases At Bay

During the monsoon season diseases are more in number. If you are well hydrated, the body is able to kill the bad bacteria thus, preventing any harmful monsoon disease.


Helps To Flush Out Toxins

One of the reasons to stay hydrated in monsoon is because it helps in flushing out the toxins in the body. By doing so, you are allowing your body to remain healthy and fit during the rainy season.


Prevents Joint Aches

Lack of water is one of the causes for joints to ache and especially in monsoon, when people drink only a minimum amount of H2O. Water helps to provide better blood circulation at the joints thus reducing pain.


To Help With Weight Loss

Water is one of the many things which adds to rapid weight loss. When you drink water, the body receives a high amount of energy thus allowing you to burn more at the gym.


To Boost Energy

As mentioned earlier, water helps to boost the body and increase energy. Together with water, add foods that are water based so that you are receiving energy via food too.


To Help With Immunity

The many reasons to stay hydrated in monsoon is to keep the immunity level high. When the immunity levels are high in the rainy season, there is a lesser chance of you developing any monsoon disease.


To Prevent Oversleeping

Oversleeping and laziness comes as a package in the monsoon season. For those who feel lethargic in the season, add more water to your diet and keep hydrated to boost the mood.


Prevents Kidney Problems

Staying hydrated in monsoon is good for those who suffer from kidney problems. The only natural way to prevent or to get rid of kidney stones is by flushing it out from the system via water consumption.


Improves Digestion Problems

Since monsoon brings the onset of fried foods, the digestive system is put to test. Therefore, if you want to indulge in monsoon treats keep yourself hydrated in the season to improve digestion.


Good For The Mind

Water helps to keep the mind active, makes you concentrate and also prevents you from being light-headed due to the weather. This is one of the many reasons to stay hydrated in monsoon.


Controls Blood Pressure

Irregular blood pressure can be treated by keeping yourself hydrated in monsoon. Water keeps the blood pressure balanced irrespective of the season.

Story first published: Tuesday, June 30, 2015, 17:32 [IST]
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