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Things You Shouldn't Do On An Empty Stomach

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We often try to follow certain healthy practices like drinking lemon water on empty stomach or eating a clove of garlic in the morning. Such practices may offer certain health benefits but in this post, let us discuss about what not to do on an empty stomach. During your sleep, your food gets digested and when you wake up, your stomach tends to be vulnerable.

Why Eat Garlic On Empty Stomach

What happens when you eat something very acidic in that situation? Well, the acid levels inside may go haywire and your stomach may experience burning sensation. Also, in rare cases, some unhealthy habits in the morning may also lead to irritation of certain delicate linings inside.

How To Get Rid Of Intestinal Worms

How you start your day is very important as its sets your mood to face the rest of the day. Also, your energy levels depend on what you consume in the morning. This is why your breakfast is also very important. Consuming something that soothes your stomach and nourishes your system is very important.

Now, let us discuss what you must not do on an empty stomach every morning as soon as you wake up.



Your doctor was right when he asked you to take medicines after breakfast. Medicines may also cause acidity or irritation of the stomach lining when consumed on empty stomach.


Drinking Sodas

What happens if you gulp in a soda on empty stomach? Well, they add up to the acid levels in your stomach. They may also cause nausea and irritation inside your intestines.


Eating Spicy Stuff

Those who love eating spicy food in the morning may fall prey to stomach ulcers in the long run as acidic foods may upset your stomach.


Drinking Alcohol

Drinking on an empty stomach would be the worst thing to do to your stomach. Though you get the ‘high' fast when you consume alcohol on an empty stomach, it even burns certain delicate parts of your insides.


Drinking Coffee

We all do it in the morning but it isn't a great habit. Health experts state that drinking coffee on an empty stomach may lead to hormonal imbalances and stress too. The same may also apply to tea too.


Eating Tomatoes

Your stomach might get irritated if you consume tomatoes when it is empty. The acid content in tomatoes may react with other acids in your stomach.


Working Out

There is a reason why your trainer asked you to consume a pre-workout snack. Working out on an empty stomach may lead to muscle loss- not fat loss.


Eating Bananas

Health experts say that the magnesium levels in your body may drastically increase when you consume bananas in the morning and it isn't a good thing for your health. So, don't eat banana on empty stomach.

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