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10 Ways To Deal With Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

By Jayshree Iyer

Nicotine is a stimulant drug which is present in harmful quantities in cigarettes, tobacco etc. Consumption of nicotine has relatively high toxic effect on the health of smokers. Check out for nicotine withdrawal symptoms to curb the damage. The brain and body which has got addicted to the positive effects of nicotine, crave badly for the same in its absence.

Fascinating Facts About Cigarette Smoking

Some of the withdrawal symptoms experienced by quitters of nicotine might be in the form of headaches, irritation, anxiety, depression, etc.Undersanding the withdrawal symptoms is important, since there are several steps to deal with the same.


Nicotine Replacement Products

To relieve nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms, replacement products are available in five forms - patch, gum,lozenge, nasal spray and inhaler. Medicines such as bupropion and varenicline are also prescribed to relieve withdrawal symptoms.


Physical Activity

Inorder to deal with severe withdrawal symptoms, it is very important for the person to indulge in some physical activity like walking, swimming, playing etc. Studies have shown that outdoor activities and exercise have worked wonders in the life of quitters of nicotine.


Healthy Diet

Studies show that people tend to put weight immediately after they quit smoking which further leads to depression. Hence it is vital for people experiencing withdrawal symptoms to follow a healthy diet rich in lean proteins, vitamins and minerals.


Stay Hydrated

After quitting smoking a person may experience metabolic changes and increased circulation.This results in excessive sweating leading to dehydration.Drinking plenty of water is extremely essential and helps in dealing with severe withdrawal symptoms.


Talking With Someone

Frustration of not getting the daily dose of nicotine might increase a person's craving for the same. At such times, the person should call up someone and talk to release his frustration.


Staying Busy

Cravings and desires for nicotine is likely to occur if a person is idle. The person should understand this and keep himself busy in some activity or the other which would divert his mind when the craving occurs.



Meditation helps to calm the body and mind. Nicotine quitters experiencing withdrawal symptoms should include meditation and deep breathing exercise as a part of their daily routine.


Re-Scheduling Daily Routine

The first and foremost thing that a person needs to do after quitting smoking, is to change the schedule of his daily activities.Whatever activities happened along with a cigarette in hand needs to be given up. Re-scheduling daily routine will help the person to take his mind off from the usual cravings for nicotine.


Doing Away With The Urges

The presence of cigarette packets, ashtrays etc. in front of the person's eyes would further create urge and cravings in his mind to go back to having his dose of nicotine and make it even more difficult to deal with the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. It is better to dispose off all these items from the office, car, place of work etc.


Self Understanding And Determination

Last but not the least, a person who quits smoking should understand that the withdrawal symptoms would last for a few weeks initially and would gradually fade away with time. Hence, he should keep up his determination and remind himself time and again about the reasons for his quitting smoking. This would give him self control and ultimately help him in dealing with the withdrawal symptoms.

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Story first published: Sunday, March 1, 2015, 20:03 [IST]
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