10 Home Remedies For First Aid: World’s First Aid Day

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When a person gets hurt or meets with an accident, we usually get scared and think of the easiest first aid tip to help them relieve of pain. Today, we here at Boldsky shall share ten basic home remedies for burns on World's First Aid Day.

In this article you can learn quick and easy tips for first aid in case of any emergency. We are going to focus on ten different types of first aid which we will be useful to you when in an emergency. Check out these techniques that can be used anywhere, be it the workplace or at home.

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You do not have to be dependant on the first aid kit that is available in the market as we are here to share the best home remedies for burns and cuts in this article. Read on to know more about home remedies for burns.

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Read on to know more about home remedies for first aid.


Unconscious And Not Breathing

Make the person lie down with their face downwards towards the ground. Give good blows from the centre of the chest. It helps to pump the blood to the heart. Make sure the person is checked by the doctor.



This usually happens when a person is laughing or talking while eating something. Give a blow on the back. It removes the food that has got stuck in the windpipe. It is better to learn how to perform Heimlich maneuver to dislodge the food safely.


To Stop Bleeding

To stop bleeding put pressure on the wound and hold it tight. The blood flow will stop and helps it to coagulate faster. This prevents excessive bleeding.



Apply ice cube or your toothpaste immediately on the wound. It helps to prevent blisters. This is one of the best first aid tip.


Broken Bone

Do not shake the part that is affected. Never let the victim move and do not try to adjust the wound as this can make things worse. Consult a doctor before the wound starts swelling.


Heart Attack

Make sure the person is placed in a sitting position when they get an heart attack. This helps to avoid putting more pressure on the heart. Keep assuring the patient that aid is on its way.



This is a critical condition when the person starts to feel very cold. It can cause disorientation, drowsiness and even unconscious. Give the patient a hot non-alcoholic drink and keep them warm.



Make the patient sit right up and do not tilt their head backwards as it can create complications. Loosen the tight clothes around their necks. Pinch their nostrils to helps to get a control of bleeding.


Eye Trauma

If the person is suffering from blurry vision after being hit in the eye then splash good amount of water and wash the eye. If the burning sensation continues then place a cloth dipped in cold water.


Insect Bite

If it is an insect bite, gently scrape the sting out. If a part of it is visible, use tweezers to take the sting out. If it is still stuck, wrap an ice cube around the wound and remove it after a while. The sting will easily come out now.

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