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Top Fruits And Veggies Peels To Eat

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Before eating foods, we often peel the skin thoroughly and eat only the flesh of the fruit. Most of the times, the skin contains more nutrients than the entire fruit itself. Today, we are here to share the list of fruits and veggies peels that you can eat without throwing it away.

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Studies reveal that some fruits have many nutrients in the peel of the skin and can be included in the daily diet. The peel usually is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. When you peel the skin and throw it away, you are depriving yourself of all these nutrients.

Check out our list of fruits and veggies peels that you need not throw away. Usually these peels are used in salads and dressings of dishes.

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Read on to know more about the fruits and veggies peels that you can eat.


Pineapple Core

Do you know that pineapple core is rich in bromelain. It is an anti-inflammatory mixture of enzymes which aids in digestion. So the next time you think of throwing away the core, think twice.


Kale Stalks

The stalks of kale are loaded with insoluble fibre. It acts like a bristled sponge and it helps in cleaning out the walls of the digestive system. This keeps your digestive tract healthy.


Cucumber Skin

This is a perfect example of peels that need not be thrown. It contains more nutrition than the flesh. The skin of cucumber contains vitamin K that supports the health of the bones and it keeps your blood healthy as well.


Onion Peels And Skins

This is a tough choice of how you are going to eat onion peels. Instead of bluntly eating peel, which is weird, you can steep it in broths, soups and stews. It releases nutrients which help to fight cardiovascular diseases and they are rich in anti-carcinogenic properties as well.


Corn Silks

Steep these long golden corn strings in hot water and make a tea out of it. This tea has high levels of pitamin K and potassium present in it.


Cauliflower Leaves

These leaves have high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It is as delicious as the floret of the veggie as well. It can be eaten raw, sauteed or lightly steamed.

Apart from these fruits and veggies, we have potato peels that can be eaten when its baked or boiled. If you have a list that can be added or shared then do comment below.

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