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7 Things That Trigger Migraine

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When we have constant headache, we just pop a pill and feel better after a point of time. But if your headache is constant and you feel the pain is repetitive, its time to check if it is migraine. Today, in this article, we are here to discuss about the basic seven things that trigger a migraine.

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Migraine is nothing but a sharp pain in your head which lasts for quite a long time. To get rid of this pain, people mostly depend on various medicines that are mostly prescribed by a doctor.

To know the reasons and to make sure that migraine is not triggered, you need to know the things that actually trigger migraine.

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Read on to know about the things that trigger and make migraine worse in this article today.


Missing Meals

If you avoid your daily meals or skip breakfast, your blood levels may drop down and this can trigger a migraine attack. In order to avoid this, make sure you eat your meals on time and never skip it.


Extra Sleep

Now, this is something that needs one's attention! Sleeping for long hours can disrupt your circadian rhythm which can trigger an migraine attack. So, avoid the extra sleep even if it is on a weekend.



Studies suggest that being stressed causes migraine to be triggered easily. A drop in the hormone, cortisol acts as a trigger for migraine. Avoid being over stressed.



Research studies say that sudden bout of exercise and physical activities can trigger migraine. Make sure you do a warm up exercise before running that extra mile.


Processed Meat

Eating processed meat can cause and initiate the migraine as it has nitrates which dilates the blood vessels. Instead, opt for fresh food for better health.



If you think you have headache after few drinks, it might just not be the hangover effect. It can be a migraine attack as well as studies say that serotonin present in the Alcohol triggers headaches.


Less Water Intake

Last but not the least, drinking less amounts of water and liquids makes you dehydrated. Apart from migraine, it can cause many other health issues. So, to avoid this, make sure you drink the extra glass of water.

These are the few things that trigger a migraine. If you have any points that can be shared, feel free to share with us.

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