10 Foods To Avoid Post 35 Years

By: Sneha A
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In our extremely busy schedules, we do not usually find the time to make the correct choices for ourselves especially when it comes to food. The mornings are filled with hubbubs and running from here to there in order to make it to the office on time, lunch is whatever the office cafeteria has to offer, and for dinner, you are too exhausted to cook yourself a hearty meal so instant food packets are there for you.

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Things tend to change with the passage of time, our likes, dislikes, choices, needs and requirements. With these changes there also occurs a need to change our lifestyle as well as our food habits. As we grow older it becomes a necessity for us to modify our eating habits and incorporate more healthier stuff than we usually do. With this also comes the call to eradicate some not so healthy choices that have become a part of our day.

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It is mostly after thirties that people start to feel the ill- effects of the choices made by them in the early years and after thirty five, the body begins enter a new stage. Bones lose calcium, hair begins to turn grey, joints may start hurting and people start to develop the most common problem these days i.e. blood pressure. Following are 10 foods that you should never eat post 35.


1. Margarine

Contrary to the belief that it is a healthier option than butter, the truth is that it has a lot of trans- fats which results to increase in cholesterol.


2. Labeled ‘diet’ Foods

To make these taste better, there are a lot of additives in these that no longer let them be low in calories


3. Excess Salt

If you want your blood pressure in control, stay away from too much salt as it will lead to a higher BP adversely affecting your heart and kidneys.


4. Excess Sugar

Sugar is not all that's nice, too much of it can cause you to suffer from diabetes damaging your kidneys, taking a toll on your heart or even bone problems.


5. Too Much Fried Food

Keep a hold on yourself while eating too much of fried foods or junk foods. This is important for people of all ages but it is something you should never eat post 35 years of age.


6. Too Much Wine

Too much of wine is never good for your heart and liver; however a moderate amount is beneficial for health.


7. Bacon

If you do not want yourself to be suffering from arthritis in the future years, keep yourself away from bacon which contains high amount of omega 6 fatty acids instead of the omega 3 fatty acids which are beneficial.


8. White Bread

White bread is found in almost every pantry but the truth is that it hardly holds any nutritional value except adding on to carbohydrates.


9. White Rice

White rice, like white bread hardly holds any nutritional value and all it does is increase fat in your body. Instead opt for brown rice which is a lot healthier with high fiber content, vitamins and other nutrients.


10. Caffeine

Caffeine in moderation is fine but too much of it leads to release of stress hormones leading to anxiety, tremors, nausea, restlessness and so on.

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