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10 Common Walking Mistakes To Avoid

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We take walking for granted and that is why we do it our way. But health experts say that when you choose walking as an exercise, it is important to follow the right procedures to make it an effective workout that reaps some beneficial results.

We all know about the health benefits of walking. In fact, some of us have the habit of walking for better digestion. Also, walking in serene places will be very refreshing as your mind tends to feel fresh in such surroundings.

Also, walking fast as an exercise can help in losing weight in a short span of time. This is the reason why most of the parks are filled with walkers in the morning and evening.

In fact, a treadmill must be your back up plan when the weather doesn't allow you to walk in the park. But it is always better to walk in open settings than in closed rooms. In fact, you can boost your mood and get rid of the depressive feelings when you walk in nature.

Now, let us discuss about 10 common walking mistakes that most of us commit.


Ignoring Warm Up

Though walking isn't really an intense workout, it is still advisable to stretch your body a bit before you start walking. Also, cooling down your body after a walk is also important. Never ignore these activities.


You're Not Fast Enough

Walking too slow may not provide you any benefit. Perform your walk religiously by moving your whole body in perfect rhythm.


Your Footwear...

Choose the right pair of shoes that support your feet well. Wearing a pair of tight and uncomfortable shoes may even injure your feet while walking.


Your Clothes

If you choose walking as an exercise, it is better to invest on clothes that are cool and comfortable instead of going out in your regular clothes. Buy a track suit that sports men wear. This may work well as you can carry on with your walking without feeling sweaty or irritated.


Your Strides...

Never try to lengthen your strides. Walk normally as any kind of tweaking may injure your knees or toes depending upon what part is being strained during the walk.


Your Arms...

Experts advise to swing the arms back and forth rhythmically while walking. So, don't keep them stiff when you go for a walk.


Doing Too Much

Being over enthusiastic may lead to soreness. Listen to your body and build up the intensity and duration gradually instead of trying to walk for miles together on the first day.


Ignoring The Posture...

Walking needs a technique. For example, you need to keep your back straight instead of bending and you need to raise your head or keep it straight. If you ignore such techniques, your workout may be ineffective.


On The Treadmill...

Research suggests that walking on different terrains is more beneficial than walking only on a treadmill. So, keep going out at least sometimes.


Chatting While Walking

If you have the habit of gossiping with friends while walking, it is better to quit it. Being mindful and silent while walking will be more refreshing.

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