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6 Major Signs Of Depression

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Stress and depression are the most common disorders these days. We are stressed and depressed for every small thing around us. In this article, we are here to share six major signs of depression.

When a person is depressed, they need to be helped or they can get even more depressed and this might result in something more severe. Check out the signs of depression and make sure you work towards getting rid of it.

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The negativity around us plays a major role in us being stressed and depressed. Avoid being stressed and concentrate on positive things around us. This helps to build a positive mind and it internally helps you become healthy.

A person never realises that they are depressed until they undergo these common symptoms. Check out the list of major signs of depression and stop it from plaguing you. Read on to know more.

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Scream Internally

When you feel like screaming out loud and venting your anger but are not given a chance to do so, it is a major sign of depression.


Need To Cry But Cant

You try to cry and remove your frustration, but instead of crying it makes you feel choked up. Remember, it is better to cry out loud than holding your tears in as this affects your heart.


Good Days Are Never Satisfactory

No matter how well your day went, you still tend to cling on that something which makes you feel sad and depressed. Then, be sure that it is asign of depression.


Success Never Excites

You may have got a new promotion or a new hike but you just smile for the heck of it. All this because you are not excited about your own success. This is due to depression.


Think Of Getting Help But Feel Guilty

When you feel low, sad and depressed, do you think it is bad to get help as your friends or family might make a bad opinion about you? Then this is a major sign that you are depressed.


Constantly Criticise Self

You are never happy or satisfied. You try to find fault in yourself. This makes you feel negative about your entire existence in this world. All this is due to depression.

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