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7 Tips To Stay Positive And Overcome Infertility

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Pregnancy is a matter of chance. You have to keep trying and stay positive if you are facing fertility issues. Stress is the main culprit that worsens pregnancy problems. Stress and anxiety will directly affect your ovulation and for males it affects the sperm count.

Now a days, there are so many modern techniques to diagnose and treat fertility issues. So, one has to be patient, when it comes to pregnancy.

11 Natural Ways To Treat Men Infertility

The couple should not lose hope if it has been a lot of time trying to conceive. Here in this article, we share with you important tips that will help you cope with your fertility issues.

It is well known fact that "you become what you think". Therefore, have good thoughts always regarding your pregnancy. Don't trust wholly and solely on your doctor's tough words regarding your pregnancy. Visit another doctor which will make you feel comfortable so that you will start thinking positive.

Factors That Affect Your Fertility

Here are some important things that will help you to overcome your infertility issues.


Don’t Get Ruled By The Diagnosis

Sometimes your doctor may not give you pleasant news regarding your chances of conception. In this case you need to have faith and stop worrying. Getting stressed out will worsen the condition than doing any good. Stay positive and visit another doctor to boost spirits.


Give Time To Your Body

If you had been avoiding pregnancy by taking contraceptives or you are under stress, then you need to give a sufficient time to your body. It will take a minimum of 6 months for the body to get ready for pregnancy after taking contraceptives. So stay calm and wait patiently.


Know The Small Signs

Sometimes the cause for your infertility lies in these small changes or signs that your body shows. For example delay in menstruation, dry vagina etc. You should also check your thyroid gland functioning too, to ward off any fertility issues.


Not The Same Method May Work

If your friend has fertility issues, and if one treatment has worked for her, this does not mean it will work for you too. Your body may react differently to the same treatment. So don't get tensed . Discuss all your concerns with the doctor and clear all doubts, even the queries which you think are silly.


Having Intercourse Frequently

If you think that having intercourse on daily basis increases the chances of conception then you are wrong. On the contrary it will exhaust the body and may stress you out. You must target the period of your ovulation. The 14th day of your cycle is important, your ovulation starts from the 13th or 14th day counting from the first day of your periods Today, ovulation kits are available over the counter, by which you can make out the ovulation time.


Interact With People

Talk to someone who is also facing fertility issues. Doing this will make you feel better and relaxed. You will also come to know old wives remedies for infertility as they may prove to be a magical remedy for you sometimes. However, don't compare your instances with theirs, as infertility maybe due to several factors.


Share Your Problems With Your Partner

Share your problems and stay close to your partner. This will give each other the moral support to get out of it together.

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