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7 Symptoms Of Colorectal Cancer

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Usually, colorectal cancer will show its serious symptoms only in the advanced stages. This is the reason why most colorectal cases are diagnosed very late while treatments are almost impossible. But still, you can be warned of the disease to get early treatment, if you know some of the most common warning signs and symptoms.

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Understanding the primary symptoms of colorectal cancer will help you to make early diagnosis. With this, you can get treatment at an early stage that will increase the chance of survival and will have better prognosis. One major reason for late diagnosis of the disease is that most of the associated symptoms mimic symptoms of other abdominal diseases.

Knowing more about the causes of colorectal cancer will help you to prevent the disease by taking utmost care and precautions. Along with that, it is also important to know what the symptoms of colorectal cancer are. Generally, symptoms of colorectal cancer will be prominent as the cancer spreads to the surrounding tissues or organs.

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If you wonder what are the symptoms of colorectal cancer, here we will discuss some of the most common ones.


Change In Bowel Movements

One of the most prominent symptoms of colorectal cancer is a change in the normal pattern of bowel movements. This can be presented as frequent passage of stool, constipation or intermittent diarrhea. Also, there will be a feeling that the bowel is not emptied completely.


Rectal Bleeding

Along with the irritations in the bowel functioning, there will be associated rectal cramping and bleeding from the rectum. This will be noticed for the first time while passing stool. Never ignore this type of symptoms or never do self diagnosis as this is can be piles.


Pencil Stool

‘Pencil stool' is a name given stool that is narrow than usual. When you have colorectal cancer, the diameter of the intestine will get narrow. This will result in narrow stools, which is considered as a common and more specific symptom of colorectal cancer.


Abdominal Pain

Usually, there will be uncomfortable pain or cramping in the abdomen. Since abdominal pain is a common symptom for many diseases, it is difficult to realize a chance for colorectal cancer. So, always watch closely for the presence of other symptoms like presence of blood in the stool.


Unexplained Weight Loss

Since food absorption is not proper when you have colorectal cancer, chances are more that you will experience unexplained weight loss. When sudden weight loss is seen associated with other signs of colorectal cancer like fatigue, stay cautious and seek medical advice at the earliest.



Anemia can occur due to many reasons and loss of blood is one common cause. Once you are diagnosed with anaemia of unexplained reasons, your doctor may suggest further investigations to rule out colorectal cancer.



Ascites is the build up or retention of fluid in the abdomen. This is a common symptom that will give a warning about the presence of colorectal cancer. It is important to rule out other diseases that will cause the same symptom.

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