Secrets Healthy Indian Women Follow

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All Indian women are extremely hardworking, do you agree? One of the main reasons why most Indian women have a well-defined shape is because they follow certain healthy rules. Sticking to a standard time for dinner which is before 8pm, consuming a healthy Indian breakfast, adding a good amount of water to their diet, religiously doing yoga every morning before the sun rises, making household chores a part of their life and more.

In other words, Indian women are considered as multi-tasking experts and that is why they are so fit and healthy. According to a recent survey, it is said that Indian women spend most of their time cleaning their homes. This small act which is done throughout the day is what burns the calories.


On the other hand, most of the Indian women who work tend to spend countless number of hours at the desk and when they get home, kitchen duties keep them busy. This little exercise helps keep them active, making up for the entire day's loss. These secrets of healthy Indian women were never shared, but today, Boldsky brings to light some of the reasons why Indian women are the healthiest in the world. Take a look:


They Walk A Lot

Parks are filled with morning walkers and most of them are women. This is one form of exercise every Indian woman follows. Post dinner walks too are commonly followed in India.


They Prefer Rotis Over Rice

Though rice is a staple food for Indians, rotis are preferred day and night. Indian women opt for rotis since they are less in calories and have more nutritional value when compared to rice. On the other hand, some Indian women who love rice, opt for brown broken rice.


Yoga Is Their Favourite Exercise

Yoga is one form of exercise which hails from India, and adopted in the West. Yoga is good for the mind and the body. It helps calm the nerves, gets rid of stress, boosts immunity and at the same time, helps stay in shape. There are a number of asanas which Indian women follow to stay fit.


Chai Is Their Friend

Aerated beverages, cold coffees and lemon sodas are not favourable to Indian women. Our simple Indian ladies prefer a cup of hot chai or masala tea which is healthier in a lot of ways and benefits the body too. This is one of the secrets of every healthy Indian woman.


Household Chores Are A Ritual

Household chores are a part and parcel of an Indian woman's life. She has to look after the entire household and by doing so, it helps keep her body in shape. Doing household chores like sweeping and cleaning the floor help keep your hips in shape and also provides a toned tummy.


Children Keep Them Busy

Though many wouldn't agree, toddlers keep their mums busy and on their toes 24 /7. This is another secret of every healthy Indian woman.

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