Reasons Why You Get Bruised Easily

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Are you wondering how you bruise yourself so easily, which seems to appear for no reason? There are many reasons for unexplained bruises that could be an indication of your health condition. In this article, we have mentioned the reasons for your bruises.

Bruises are reddish purple-colour injury marks on the skin caused by damage to the blood vessels in the skin. When a bruise fades, it becomes green and brown in colour, as the body metabolises the blood cells in the injured area of the skin.

A bruise can be treated by local application of ice packs, immediately after an injury. Bruises are caused by some degree of injury to the blood vessels in the skin and due to insignificant compression of the skin. Sometimes, there may be no skin injury or compression, yet you can see a bruise.

Bruise is not a serious thing; however, some people get bruises easily. Know the reasons of what makes you get bruised easily.Read on the article to know the causes of excessive bruising.



If a person gets patches of red skin on certain areas of the body frequently, it may be an indication of advanced diabetes. They occur because of an internal capillary bleeding due to weak blood vessels, skin and nerves. This is one of the common reasons of unexplained bruises.



Another reason of bruises can be heavy exercising. People who do vigorous exercise, and a lot of weight lifting, can injure themselves unknowingly. This can result in bruises. Exercise puts a lot of strain on the muscles. This results in bursting of the small blood vessels causing a bruise. Any sort of vigorous exercise can increase a person's chance of unexplained bruising.



As we age, the production of skin collagen decreases and also fatty layer that protects the skin is lost. After the age of 60, you may get bruises easily even with a minor press on the skin.


Blood Disorder

In a blood disease called haemophilia, blood does not clot easily and there is prolonged bleeding. Even a minor physical contact can cause bruise. Unexplained bruises can also be an indication of blood cancer. Therefore, you must consult a doctor in case you notice frequent bruises.



If you are taking some medications then this could be one of the reasons for your unexplained bruise. Some medications when taken in excess such as aspirin, contraceptives, steroids, etc, frequently may cause unexplained and easy bruises to appear on the skin.


Purpuric Dermatosis

In this skin condition, the blood leaks out from the small capillaries, resulting in thousands of tiny purple bruises. It may cause itching in severe cases. Applying a sunscreen or prescribed medicated creams can help in getting rid of this condition.


Deficiency Of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is important for wound healing and formation of collagen. Vitamin C deficiency causes small blood vessels to rupture, resulting in bruises. Deficiency of this important vitamin can also be one of the main reasons for frequent bruises.

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