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Reasons Why You Feel Hungry After Eating Healthy!

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It is human tendency to stuff our faces galore when we are hungry. Some of us even gulp food right after a healthy meal. This consistent habit of eating again after a healthy meal is not good. Experts state that if you feel hungry right after eating a good meal, there must be something wrong with your digestive system.

It is often believed that the main cause of this problem is eating food in a fast manner where in why the food when swallowed gets digested faster thus leaving you hungry for more.  DO YOU WANT TO LIVE LONGER? CLICK HERE

On the other hand the other reason why you feel hungry after eating a good meal is because of the quantity of food you consume which might be too less for the metabolism. To answer all your doubts, here are some of the reasons we think why you feel hungry after eating healthy, take a look:


Cause Your Body Lacks Water

One of the main reasons why your hungry after eating healthy is because your body lacks water. If you drink sufficient water, your hunger pangs will decrease drastically.


Is Soda Your Favourite Drink?

Soda is one of the many beverages which reduce blood flow and other activities that regulate your appetite, thus making you feel hungry right after a meal.


Homemade Food Is Not Your Type

When your body starts resenting homemade foods, it is difficult to set a good diet for yourself. Outside food contain preservatives which are high in bisphenol-A chemical. This main chemical causes surges in leptin and makes you hungry for more food even after you have eaten a wholesome meal.


You Lack Breaks

It is important to take that chai or tea break. Experts state that chai is a healthy beverage compared to coffee as the contents present in that cup of tea will help to make you feel full. If you resent those tea breaks you will probably end up eating a heavier snack after a main course.


The First Meal Of The Day

Do remember: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you skin this meal you will end up consuming a much bigger snack after your lunch.


Side Effects Of Medications

A new study shows that one can feel hungry after eating a healthy meal if they are on medications that contains mild steroids, like prednisone, a corticosteroid which tend to ramp up those hunger pangs to extreme levels.


Workout Troubles

One of the main reasons why you feel hungry after a meal, especially after a work out is because you have lost a lot of calories and together with it carbs which give you energy. Due to this, you end up consuming more amount of food too even after eating a good meal.


Stress Causes These Woes

Stress is one of the main health killers. Stress can male you lose weight at the same time it can make you over eat, which again is unhealthy.


The Aroma Interests You

We tend to eat with our senses more than our stomachs. Do you agree with me on this? Well, research has proved that this is a reason why we at times feel hungry after eating healthy!


Alcohol Welcomes Food

The more alcohol you drink the more your appetite increases. Binge drinking is the worst and one of the leading causes of why you feel hungry after eating a healthy treat.

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