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Is White Wine Bad For Health?

Is white wine bad for health? Well, when compared to red wine, white wine isn't so good for health. In fact, all alcoholic drinks do have some or the other effects on the body. Though some sources say that consuming wine in small quantities on a regular basis is good for health, none of us can really stick to small quantities once we get the high.

So, is white wine bad for health? Yes there are certain white wine effects on health. It is better to reduce your consumption or completely abstain from drinking it. Yes, we all love to unwind over a glass of wine.

Beauty Benefits Of Red Wine

Sometimes, wine can help us shed inhibitions in social gatherings. But, at the end of the day, do we really have to bear the consequences just because we love that 'high'? Well, after reading the below points, you can take your own decisions.

Is white wine bad for health?

It causes obesity
The calories present in white wine can easily cause obesity if it is consumed regularly. A single glass is packed with nearly 200 calories and if you are talking about fortified wines, then you are looking at almost 300-380 calories in a single glass! Imagine your situation if you regularly consume white wine. (The calorie calculation may vary depending upon the size of the glass you choose. Here, we are talking about a large glass.)

It turns out to be an addiction
If you start drinking alcohol regularly, your tolerance level increases and you tend to drink more and more which finally makes you an addict. So, it is better to keep white wine only for parties and social gatherings.

Other health effects
Why is white wine bad for you? Too much of white wine can cause high BP, pancreatitis, liver cirrhosis, stroke and certain types of cancers. We all know the fact that any alcoholic beverage comes with its own set of side effects. Though wine is considered good if consumed in moderation, it is better to stay away from it, if you have addictive tendencies.

If affects fertility
In both men and women, white wine can cause fertility issues. Especially, pregnant women should be careful with white wine. It is better to stay away from it during pregnancy. In men, it may affect their libido. If you love wine, consume it in moderation. If you love your health, stay away from all alcoholic beverages for a lifetime.

Causes depression in women
A recent study suggested that white wine can cause depression in women. This is one of the white wine effects. Other side effects include headaches and certain types of allergies. The reason for this is the sulfite content in white wine. Also, women are said to experience hangovers more after they consume white wine. (Inputs provided by IANS)

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