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    Is Eating While Watching TV Dangerous?


    A recent study claims that distracted eating is similar to distracted driving- it is dangerous! It could lead to excessive consumption without your knowledge and can also make you gain unwanted fat. So, distracted eating causes obesity. When you are distracted, you never know how much you eat.

    Distracted Dining- Office

    As a part of the research, health experts kept more than 50 families under observation. They recorded their actions using cameras mainly during the dining activity. When the surroundings are noisy and distracting, your behaviour undergoes certain changes and this applies to children too.

    Distracted Dining- Snacks

    As a part of the study, researchers made some participants have their food in places where there were loud noises. They used vacuum cleaners to create the effect. Other participants were allowed to dine peacefully in a silent room. They were kept under observation. Noises heavily distracted people whereas silent place allowed mindful eating. Noisy surroundings affected the meal experience as people felt restless and irritated.

    Distracted Dining

    Also, distracted people paid no attention to what they were eating and how much they were eating. They also paid less attention to the dinner table conversation. Another interesting observation was that distracted people ate more sweet and consumed more sugary drinks.

    Distracted Dining- Mindful Eating

    Health experts noticed that distracted eating causes two problems. One is excessive consumption of unhealthy foods. The other one is that it reduces the chances to bond well with each other and this may spoil parent-children relationship.

    Distracted Dining- Family Meal

    The study concluded that children who are raised amidst chaotic conditions or people who have the habit of eating amidst distractions are at a higher risk of suffering obesity.

    So, let us embrace mindful eating. In fact, eating should be done more like a meditation to reap the benefits of healthy food. Eating slowly, silently peacefully and chewing food carefully helps the digestive system; your body will be able to absorb the food and its nutrients in a proper way.

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