How Basil Green Tea Benefts Your Health

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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A cup of tea can give you an energetic start. Also, you can hang out with your friends over cups of tea. But, have you ever thought how milk and sugar in your tea are hampering your health? So, if you’re addicted to tea, it is better to go for green tea. The benefits of green tea are numerous. The bioactive compounds in it improve your health condition. Now, if you add basil (tulsi) to it, the health benefits are doubled.

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Why is basil green tea so advantageous to your health? The use of basil can be found in the old manuscripts of Ayurveda. Basil is an adaptogenic herb. That means it has lots of non-toxic properties that help your body fight against the toxins you take through foods. So, when you mix these two super powers, you can enjoy its health benefits.

Benefits of basil green tea are innumerable. Green tea is full of antioxidants and flavonoids which prevent free radical damage in your body. On the other hand, basil has components which prevent ageing.

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It is quite difficult to limit the discussion on the health benefits of basil green tea. Just quit your habit of having milk tea and enjoy the benefits of basil green tea. Here are some health benefits of basil green tea. Read on to know more-


1. Respiratory Benefits

People have tulsi tea whenever they suffer from cough and cold. Not only that, but basil is also effective in curing diseases like asthma and bronchitis. A cup of basil green tea makes a shield against any kind of viral, bacterial and fungal infections of respiratory tract.


2. Works On Fever

Health benefits of basil green tea also includes this one. This herb comprises of anti-microbial properties which work magically on mild fever and accelerate your recovery from fevers like malaria, dengue, etc.


3. Solve Cardiovascular Problems

What are the important benefits of basil green tea? Basil leaves are rich sources of magnesium. When you add this to your green tea, it works on your blood vessels and regulates flow of blood. Also, basil is known to curb cholesterol levels and keep your blood pressure under control.


4. Rescue from Vision Problems

Due to the presence of vitamin A in basil, it helps improve your eyesight. If anyone is suffering from night blindness, basil tea can be one of the best home remedies to use. Obviously, this is one of the most helpful health benefits of basil green tea.


5. Reduce Stress

Everyone knows that a cup of green tea is a stress buster. Mixing basil leaves to it means you're adding anti-stress agents to your cup. Basil is known for controlling cortisol hormone (stress hormone) in your body which makes you relax and prepare for the next move.


6. Lose Weight

When you think of the benefits of basil green tea, don't ignore this one. Green tea is well-known for helping you lose weight. Now, if you add basil to it, the drink speeds up the fat burning process by increasing your metabolism.


7. Beat Cancer

This is one of the most important benefits of basil green tea. Researchers have proved that these two ingredients are full of anti-oxidants and anti-carcinogenic properties which prevent the growth of free radicals in your body. For solving oral and breast cancer, it is proved as wonderful homemade solution.

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