Healthy Reasons To Gulp Beer This Afternoon

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Beer is the healthier option to choose from the many drinks at the bar. The alcohol based beverage helps to boost one's immunity, strengthens bones, protects the kidneys and much more. There are a ton of health issues you can resolve when beer is a part of your diet and when consumed in moderation.

A recent study conducted on women showed that women who drink beer had a 30 percent chance of falling under the risk of a heart attack and a stroke. The results were based on both heavy drinkers and abstainers.


The study stated that when you consume one pitcher of beer you are providing your body with a starch source, water, malted barley and wheat. These few ingredients that are added to the preparation of beer will help to provide you with a long life. So, if you want to live a healthier lifestyle, drink beer in moderation.

Take a look at some of the healthy reasons to gulp beer this afternoon along with your delicious lunch:


Lowers Kidney Risk

Studies state that each bottle of beer you drink reduces the risk of developing kidney stones by 40%. So, if you want to get rid of kidney stones in a natural way, opt for beer.


Promotes Bone Health

A 2009 study concluded that the elevated levels of silicon in beer can contribute to higher bone density. So, consume beer this afternoon to help keep your bones strong.


Lowers Diabetes Risk

One of the health benefits of beer, is that it helps in reducing and preventing type II diabetes . The beverage helps to increases the production of bile, therefore helps to digest fatty food more efficiently.


Lowers Cholesterol Too

Has your cholesterol level shot up? If yes, opt for beer to lower down your cholesterol. Beer contains beta-glucans, a type of soluble fiber which is proved to lower bad cholesterol in the body.


Can Prevent Sun Damage

Beer contains phytonutrients, namely ferulic acid which helps to protect your body from the harmful rays of the sun.


Lowers That BP

Strangely beer also aids in reducing high blood pressure levels. A new study shows that those who drink beer in moderation have a regulated BP level when compared to those who drink wine and other beverages.


Fights That Infection

Beer has powerful ingredients which helps to fight off infections in the body. One or two glasses of beer will boost your immunity helping your body to fight infection and keep diseases at bay.


Increases Your Lifespan

Beer, when drunk in moderation, helps to keep you in good shape. It aids in softening your temper and cheering your spirit, which leads to a better and improved lifespan.


Beer Removes Stress

Why do you think people head to the bar when they are stressed? Beer helps to calm the nerves and tells your brain to relax, thus helping to decrease the stress levels in the body.


Beer Fights Cancer

Beer has a lot of ingredients and one of the most powerful ingredients is Xanthohumol. This is a potent antioxidant which is found in beer. Xanthohumol inhibits cancer-causing enzymes which helps to fight off the disease.

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