Health Benefits Of Sleeping Next To Someone

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A recent survey shows that couples who sleep together every night live a longer and a healthier life. Shocked?

Well, it is believed that when you have someone next to you at night while you are sleeping, the nerves in the body begin to calm down, the blood pressure is regulated and the mind is at ease. For many couples, there are other benefits of sleeping together; It increases intimacy, brings about balance and harmony in the sex life.

This helps you to stay healthy as intimacy is proven to keep your immunity up and your heart rate at a normal beat; and most of all, it increases life span. On the other hand, couples prefer sleeping together as it provides a sense of security and warmth.

Experts state that sleeping next to someone other than your partner is also healthy. This is because when both the bodies are in contact with each other, the brain sends signals to the rest of the body, telling you to relax. So take a look at some of the health benefits you receive when you cuddle with your special someone while sleeping at night. Read on to see how you can enjoy those moments of sleeping together for all the healthy reasons.


It Helps You De-Stess

When you sleep with someone you love, there is a body connection. This strong connection helps ease the mind and also reduces your stress levels. Lovemaking and cuddles are nature's best way to reduce stress.


It Helps You Sleep Better

If you are suffering from sleep disorders, your partner can always cuddle with you to make you feel better. Science proved that sleeping with someone automatically helps you get rid of problems like insomnia.


It Provides You Warmth

When you sleep with someone, the bodies are bound to touch. This touch creates warmth and thus it is good for blood circulation. The warmth from another body also protects your skin and this makes your glow naturally.


The Love Hormone

Did you think that only sex can release the hormone oxytocin to help you feel happy? Even the brushing of your naked skin against your partner can help you feel 'happy' because you are high on oxytocin. Therefore, this is one of the health benefits of sleeping next to the one you love.


It's Good For The Heart

Sleeping next to someone is good for the heart too. The sense of security and warmth causes the heart to beat at a normal speed, thus causing no strain on the heart.


You Wake Up Feeling Energetic

The next morning when you wake up next to the person you love, happiness makes you feel good and energetic. This is because you have slept well right through the night.


Increases Lifespan

Sleeping next to someone also increases your longevity. Science shows that resting next to someone can relax the brain, heart and the rest of the organs. This relaxation increases your lifespan and is the best medication.

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