Health Benefits Of Massaging Feet Before Bedtime

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Foot massage benefits before bed time | रात में तलवों की मालिश दूर करेगी कई बीमारी | Boldsky

Our feet do a lot of work. And, most of us ignore our tiny toes at the end of the day.

In fact, our feet are the least pampered parts of the body- do you agree? According to health experts, it is suggested that one should make it a habit to massage the feet an hour before bed time. This little remedy helps keep the feet strong, flexible and also aids in keeping several health problems at bay.

Foot massages are not new. In fact, foot massages were practiced in the early centuries and were extremely important in most of the cultures. But, today people have forgotten to recognise the importance of foot massages which is why many don't know the n number of health benefits of massaging feet.

It is said that when massaging the feet before bed, it is important to use only coconut oil. The properties present in this essential oil helps relax the muscles in the foot, reduces stress levels in the body and most importantly, it aids in better blood circulation. Regular massaging of your feet will also improve on sleep patterns and other health issues like improving the metabolism rate, preventing regular headaches and more.

Here are the health benefits of massaging feet, take a look.


Improves Blood Circulation

Most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle which lessens the blood circulation in the body. Regular foot massages before bedtime help increase the blood supply to the feet and this keeps heart diseases at bay. Foot massages also aid in lessening the chances of varicose veins on the legs, if it runs in the family.


Cures Leg Problems

Regular foot massages with warm coconut oil before bed time help in relaxing the nerves, which thereby cures restless leg syndrome. Practice healthy foot massage for a month to solve the problem.


Lowers Blood Pressure

Massaging the feet for 10 minutes before sleep improves one's mood, lowers anxiety and simultaneously lowers and regulates high blood pressure levels.


Gets Rid Of Acids In The Body

Foot massages every night for 20 minutes eliminate lactic acids in the muscle tissues, which are caused due to strenuous exercises. Ignoring this lactic acid will lead to other problems in your feet.


Relieves Pain In Joints

One of the best health benefits of massaging feet is that it aids in relieving all types of joint aches in the body. Focus on those pressure points on the sole and the heel of the body to get rid of joint pain.


Cures Headaches

One of the best and most effective ways to cure any type of headaches is by massaging the foot at least for 15 minutes in the day. This remedy helps calm the nerves in the brain reducing headaches.


A Must For Pregnant Women

It is important for women to get their feet massaged in the final trimester of pregnancy. These massages will help the fluid that is accumulated in the swollen feet to return to the kidneys, where it can be flushed out from the body.

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