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Health Benefits Of Clove Tea


What are the benefits of clove tea? Well, all of us consume tea on a daily basis. Most of us start the day with a cup of tea and end the day by unwinding on a cup of tea.

When tea has become an integral part of our lives, why not make it a healing drink by adding the right ingredients to it? Well, this is how ginger tea and green tea have come into existence.

In this post, let us know about the benefits of clove tea. Most of us already use cloves in various recipes but we seldom tried them in tea.

Do you know how to make clove tea? Well, boiling a few cloves in water for a few minutes and adding some tea powder is all that you need to do.

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You can either consume it immediately or cool it down if you wish to use it topically on your skin.



Every morning consume clove tea if you are suffering from sinus. The Eugenol present in cloves helps in clearing the phlegm.



Swollen gums can be treated by clove tea as cloves do have anti-inflammatory properties.

If you want to try a home remedy to get rid of either gum pain or toothache, gargle with clove tea (warm). The bacteria present in your mouth can be eliminated with this practice.



This is one of the health benefits of clove tea. Consuming clove tea before consuming a meal can stimulate the production of saliva. Clove tea can also stimulate the digestive system and can also minimise acidity. It is good for digestion.


Skin Issues

Cloves are antiseptic. This is why clove tea can also be effective in treating skin problems. You can literally use clove tea externally on your skin to get rid of skin issues and infections.



Do you know the fact that cloves do contain Magnesium? Well, they also contain vitamin E and K. When you are suffering from fever, consuming clove tea may help as it can lower the body temperature. Also, it can boot your immunity levels.


Muscle Pains

Cloves are analgesic. You can use cold compress to treat muscle pains and joint pains. This is one of the clove tea benefits.



Those who suffer pain due to arthritis can try clove-compress in the affected area. For that using ice-cold clove-tea is advisable.



Do you know that you can wash your hands with clove tea? Well, it acts as a sanitiser. The bacteria and dirt on your palms can be eliminated if you wash your hands thoroughly with clove water.

Story first published: Tuesday, March 31, 2015, 16:25 [IST]