Awesome Garden Herbs That Are Good For You

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Herbs... they are the best, do you want to know how? Then take a look at how these little green treats can benefit your being. It is said that if you add herbs to your daily diet, your body will be able to fight off any type of disease in it's natural state.It is also studied that herbs are good for weight loss as the properties present in herbs can cut those nasty pounds.

Consuming different types of herbs can also help to fight off diseases like cancer too.TRY THESE HERBS FOR HORMONAL BALANCE....A recent research shows that herbs should be sprinkled over meals and should be consumed in it's raw state. Cooking these herbs will only kill those nutrients that are present in them.

So, the only way to help cure your being from illnesses, help to restore immunity and boost your metabolism, eat herbs the way they are... all natural. Here are some of the garden herbs you should add to your colourful plate, right now!


Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of the many garden herbs you should add to your meal. Aloe vera has properties that enable to cut fat in your body. Boil the aloe vera with water and consume it's juice on an empty tummy first thing in the morning.



Basil is the best herb for your yummy. It helps to cut inflammation in your body as well as increases your appetite. Add basil to your fresh salads and enjoy.



The root as well as the leaves of the ginger plant is beneficial for health. Chop the leaves of ginger and add them to your dish to help treat all types of pain. It relieves inflammation too.



Lavender is another herb which you can add to your tea to help deal with anxiety and depression. This fresh herb also helps to reduce stress.


Lemon Grass

Add lemon grass to a cup of hot chai or simply sprinkle it over salads. Lemon grass is one of the best herbs to consume if your feeling nauseous.



Sage is another herb which can be added to a cup of tea to treat sinus. It aids in fast relief. Sage can also treat any type of headache.



Treat tension headaches, nausea, and bad breath with the help of this pungent herb - mint. You can add it to your dish as well as add it to your tea.



Make a thyme herbal tea to soothe the symptoms of a sore throat or cough. Children too can consume this tea, but in a low dosage.

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