How To Target Belly Fat Depending On Its Type

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Belly fat is the most annoying and adamant fat that is hard to reduce. However, if you know the type of your belly fat and the right type of workout for it, it is the easiest fat to melt. Indeed, it will take just a month to get a flat belly, if you are aware of the things as mentioned in this article.

First of all, you must know the kind of belly fat that you are having, as the reason for most protruded bellies is just wrong foods. These foods cause internal inflammation and gases inside the stomach, resulting in fat belly. This is called bloated belly fat and there are some simple tips to flatten it.

The other types are stress belly, low belly fat and punctured belly fat. Once you know the type of your fat belly, you can target the root cause of your fat belly. Blindly working on fat belly will not give any results, unless you know the type of belly you have.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the tips to target belly fat depending on its type. There are different treatment methods for each belly type. Know your fat belly type and the way to melt the fat based on the type.

Read on the article to know your belly fat type and how to melt it.


Low Belly Fat

In this type of belly fat, the fat gets accumulated in the lower abdomen. This fat belly can be caused by regular consumption of fast foods and lack of exercise.


How To Get Rid Of Low Belly Fat

Slim people can get this type of belly fat if they don't workout. To get rid of this belly fat, exercise regularly and eat a variety of foods such as fruits, veggies, fibrous foods, etc. Do some crunches, cycling and and some sit ups.


Bloated Belly Fat

This type of belly fat results from eating wrong type of foods that are not digested well. These foods not only lead to accumulation of fat in the abdomen, but also cause accumulation of gases. Being allergic to certain foods such as milk, eggs, etc, can also lead to this kind of belly fat.


How To Get Rid Of Bloated Belly Fat

To target this type of belly fat, eat foods that your stomach is comfortable with. Avoid cabbage, turnips, pulses, milk, etc, which can cause gases to be formed in your system. Avoid foods that are hard to digest and have more of fruits.


Stress Belly Fat

This type of belly fat is common among those who take a lot of stress. Stress can trigger the release of a stress hormone known as cortisol, which causes an accumulation of fats in the body including the abdomen. This type of belly fat is also common among those who have some stomach problems.


How To Get Rid Of A Stress Belly Fat

To get rid of this stress belly type of fat, eat meals in small portions for several times a day. This can increase your metabolism and also prevent the accumulation of fats in the belly. Also, eat a well-balanced meal rich in fruits, veggies, carbs, proteins, etc.


Punctured Type Belly Fat

This type of belly fat can be caused as a result of sitting for too long and is common among office-going people. The tendency of fat that you ingest through foods is to find its way into the belly. This is because it is the most inactive muscle due to continuous sitting.


How To Get Rid Of A Punctured Type Belly Fat

Have evening walks and avoid all soft drinks. Pack nutritious and fibrous lunch and avoid outside foods. Eat foods rich in fibres and proteins. Vegetables and fruits must be included in your diet as well. Make sure to also include some exercises in your busy schedule.

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