Foods To Boost Skin's SPF Level

By: Syeda Farah Noor
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Foods that are healthy for our body are often discussed and closely followed. But do you that intake of certain foods help to increase and boost the body's SPF level and its true. In this article we shall enlighten you about the various foods that help you to boost your SPF level instantly.

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In this article we shall enlighten you about the various foods that help you to boost your SPF level instantly. Make sure you include these ingredients in your regular diet for better health.

When you think of SPF, the only thought that comes to your mind would be of sunscreen lotion and moisturiser. But to get this SPF you need not have to depend on the commercial products. You can get it in your food and daily diet as well.

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Read on to know about the foods that increase your SPF level without any extra effort.



Watermelon are rich in lycopene. This protects your body from free radicals that are caused due to sun exposure and pollution. This is among the best foods to increase your SPF levels in your body.



Tomatoes are rich in carotenoids which is a great antioxidant and helps in increasing the SPF level of the body.


Green Tea

It is rich in anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and antioxidant properties which make it the best drink to increase your SPF level. Drink this tea at least twice in a day for better health.



Wondering if this really works? Then yes, it does. Studies suggest that chocolates help to increase your SPF level instantly. Chocolates help to fight against inflammation of skin and the oxidative damage of the skin.



Fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that are really good for the skin. It helps to get rid of inflammation of the skin. It is considered as one of the best foods to increase your SPF level in the body.



Carrots are rich in beta-carotenes which help to increase skin protection. These carotenes help the body fight against the inflammation caused due to skin burn and increases the SPF levels.

If you have any other foods that can be included in the list then feel free to share with us.

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