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Do Men Suffer From Male Menopause

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Do men suffer from male andropause? Well, though there are still ongoing debates, it is a fact that men too suffer from certain hormonal issues after they age. Of course, their testosterone levels will dip.

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What is male andropause? Health experts have observed men undergoing similar changes like what women who go through when they hit menopause. So, they have given this name andropause to this condition.

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Though some health experts are still not on the same page, this term is widely being used. Also, some say that maintaining healthy levels of testosterone can be one solution for this problem. Now, let us discuss about the male andropause symptoms.


Sign #1

The first symptom is of course, lower libido levels. This may be due to the dipping testosterone levels.


Sign #2

Generally, men undergoing this phase may experience very low energy levels.


Sign #3

In some cases, this condition may also lead to osteoporosis. The bones may weaken a bit during andropause.


Sign #4

Some men take time to realise that lower testosterone levels can even cause mild depression. This is another symptom.


Sign #5

Insomnia or poor sleep patterns is another symptom of this condition.


Sign #6

Feeling exhausted all the time can be one sign of this phase.


Sign #7

It is not uncommon to experience irritation and mood swings for no reason when a man experiences the symptoms of male andropause.


Sign #8

It goes without saying that men may start accumulating belly fat when the T levels dip.


Sign #9

Some men also lose their sperm count and quality once they hit andropause.

These are just a few signs. If you know about more, please share them with us.

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Story first published: Monday, September 28, 2015, 1:02 [IST]
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