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DIY Health Tests Women Should Take At Home

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Self-examination is a key to stay healthy and away from all sorts of diseases in women. Breast self-examination, heart rate self-examination, blood pressure examination are the three vital tests all women should do for themselves at least once a month. By examining the body on your own, you should be able to judge whether you are healthy or not. Noticing signs such as change in skin colour, lumps underneath the surface of the skin, unusual pimples or boils, growth on the skin, etc, are some of the things we must be alert about.

Tests That You Must Undergo Before Conceiving

On the other hand, experts state that these DIY health tests mentioned on the list for women are time consuming, and today, women are so absorbed in their day-to-day chores that they sometimes ignore these tests. However, it is best for a woman to find time to conduct these tests on her own. It will be helpful and will provide some sort of relief to save yourself from any harmful disease.

Why Medical Check Ups Are Important

Today, Boldsky shares with all its women readers some of the DIY health tests to take at home. Through these self-check ups, your body will show you a sign if you're infected with a disease or not.


Breast Examination

A breast examination is important for all women to conduct on themselves. To take a breast examination, stand with your upper body unclothed, look for changes such as dimpling, redness, or scaliness of the skin or nipples. Next, lie down and lift the right arm above your head. Use the three fingers (index, middle and ring fingers) of your left hand to feel all over your right breast, beginning from the armpit. Now, repeat the same with your other breast. If you notice lump formations, or if one breast looks different from the other, it is best to consult a doctor immediately.


Blood Pressure Examination

If your body is under a lot of stress, it is necessary to check the blood pressure levels once a week. Purchase a BP monitor or machine and get the levels of pressure under control. Also, you should practice certain exercises that mainly concentrates on improving the overall blood circulation, thereby reducing blood pressure.


Heart Rate Examination

These days, heart diseases are the second largest threat to women after cancer. In order to check your heart rate begin by placing your index and middle fingers on the underside of your opposite wrist. Now count the heart beats for 60 seconds. If the resting pulse is between 60 and 100 beats per minute, consider yourself healthy. Perform this self-check up only when you're calm and composed.


UTI Examination

Urinary tract infections target a lot of women. To do a self-examination on UTI, here is what you need to do. Notice the symptoms related to UTI first, take a urine test and if positive, go in for treatment immediately. If unattended, the infection will spread to the kidneys.


Ovulation Examination

For women who want to start a family, this is an important self-examination to consider. Ovulation tests can be done with the help of a home ovulation kit. The self-check should be done on the 11th day after you start your period.


Pregnancy Examination

Home pregnancy tests are easy to perform and they are very accurate too. You can take a home pregnancy test a week after you've missed your period.


Skin Examination

Skin self-check ups are important for women to perform on their own. if you notice any moles or spots changing colour, growing, or bleeding on your skin, it is best you examine it thoroughly. If any of these signs are visible, it is advised to visit a doctor immediately.

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