Dieting Tips For A Wedding

By: Ajanta Sen
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Wedding season is on the cards and you must be super excited about what you will wear and how you will look. Weddings are, undoubtedly, one the most happening social events that bring you closer to your near and dear ones.

Wedding is the most enjoyable experience you get when you interact with a variety of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. During a wedding ceremony, apart from your acquaintances, you also meet some strangers for the very first time in your life and build a special bond with them too.

Thus, weddings are the best gatherings where you can meet a variety of people and also get to know of various cultures and fads. Apart from the numerous vogues and cultures, weddings are also great events to enjoy a variety of cuisines.

Though wedding is an extremely exciting event for the bride, groom and their families, it is also important to be concerned about the weight factor. Weddings can involve late night heavy dinners that can lead to obesity and other health-related issues.

Thus, it is necessary to follow a restricted diet pattern to avoid gaining weight after a wedding season. Following are some of the important food items that you can enjoy confidently during a wedding season to keep your diet in check:

ways to keep diet in check during wedding season

Go For Whole Grain Foods
Search for the whole grain foods like brown rice, multi-grain chapattis, whole wheat breads, quinoa, pulses, muesli, oats, etc., during a wedding to keep your weight in check.

ways to keep diet in check during wedding season

Stay Away From Sweet Stuff
Refrain yourself from leaning towards juices, drinks and sweets. Cold drinks and fruit juices do contain extra sugar content, which can add extra calories to your weight. In addition, stay away from bakery stuff.

Also, limit your intake of alcohol, coffee and tea to restrict the ingestion of extra sugar present in these drinks. You can instead look for healthier options like apricots, dark chocolate, figs, raisins, etc.

ways to keep diet in check during wedding season

Enjoy Lots Of Fresh Food Stuff
During a wedding, you might get tempted when you see others gorging on all the unhealthy food stuff like sweets, alcoholic beverages, juices, chicken, meat, etc.

However, you must remember that these are just going to make you chubby and nothing else. Hence, instead of regretting later, control yourself from the beginning and go for dry fruits, soups, fresh seasonal fruits, seeds, yogurt, nuts and salads.

ways to keep diet in check during wedding season

Drink Lots Of Fluids
Have loads of water and other sugar-free fluids during a wedding. This will also help to improve your digestion, in case you have unnecessarily binged on unhealthy food stuff.

Ample fluid intake can also keep your appetite in control and stop you from binge eating during a wedding season.

ways to keep diet in check during wedding season

Focus On Super Foods

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits that are loaded with antioxidants. These will help keep your stomach full because they contain high amounts of fibre. Next is to gorge on fish cuisines because fish contains omega-3 fats that are very much necessary for your health to prevent stroke and heart diseases.

Have plenty of low-fat dairy products during a wedding season, which will give you the necessary protein to feel full. Low-fat dairy products also contain the important B vitamins that boost your metabolism.

Thus, by sticking to the above mentioned diet, you can keep yourself content during this wedding season and, at the same time, also keep your weight under control.

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Story first published: Sunday, December 20, 2015, 2:00 [IST]
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