Weight Loss Diet For Bride To Be

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As a bride, you need to have a diet that makes you look beautiful and slim. And if you eat healthy, you will look graceful. So, include detox foods to flush out toxins and harmful chemicals from your body. This will make you lose weight and also bring a healthy glow on your face.

So, what should you eat and avoid before the wedding? Here is the diet plan for the brides-to-be. Follow them before your wedding to look, thin and gorgeous on the most important day of your life!


Green vegetables

A healthy diet consists of green vegetables that are filled with vitamins, nutrients and proteins. From spinach to broccoli & cabbage, most of the green vegetables contain high levels of lutein (a yellow pigment) that helps bring a glow on the skin and tightens it. These green vegetables are low in calories and easy to digest too.



The sour taste of this fruit can make you skip it. But remember that grapefruit is a healthy fruit that reduces high insulin levels, blood pressure, stress and also aids weight loss. You can have red or pink grapefruit to lose weight before wedding.



It is a vitamin C, B6, B3 and beta-carotene rich vegetable that increases blood count, reduces bad cholesterol and detox the body. It breaks down toxins and helps in removing it. You can either have raw beetroot or grind it into a juice.



This is one of the most simplest ingredients that can help you lose weight before wedding. Add few drops of honey in hot lemon juice. It is a low fat sweetener so will not deposit in your body.



Want to get a healthy glow on your face before your wedding? Have red juicy strawberries. They aid weight loss and is also an aphrodisiac food. So, boost up your sensual mood before the wedding night.


Red chillies

This fat burning spicy food also increases body metabolism. If you are feeling tired or lethargic, have red chillies. You are all set to go for another session of your wedding shopping!



This dairy product can help you shed weight. Eggs control food cravings as it keeps you fuller. Have this appetite suppressant without egg yolk to get best results.



Lemon is very well known for burning fat deposits in the body. Add half lemon in a glass of hot water. You can also add few drops of honey to make the weight loss drink tasty.



This is not a food but a very important fluid to flush out toxins and cleanse the system. Water improves bowel movements and detox the body.



Before wedding, you have to get rid of bloating problems. Take out the toxins from the system. Swallow the food properly and avoid having gassy foods.

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Story first published: Friday, October 19, 2012, 17:42 [IST]
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