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10 Deadly Poisons In Your Cigarette!!


Smokers tend to smoke though they know that smoking kills. Of course, part of their helpless addiction is due to the presence of harmful chemicals in cigarettes which can enslave us.

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Though nicotine is one of the addictive chemicals in cigarettes, health experts claim that there are more than 4000 such chemicals wrapped in every single stick.

Some of them are carcinogens and the rest are toxic. Let us talk about the ones which are deadlier than the deadliest of the remaining 4000 chemicals.

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May be this helps at least one of us to quit smoking!



Roads are made of tar and your sticks produce the same as residue. Tar can cause yellow teeth and harm your lungs.



Benzene is a carcinogen and can cause blood cancer. It is a substance found in crude oil! It can cause several dangers like anemia.



This is a chemical present in paints and metals. It can damage your DNA!



This is the chemical that makes you and others around you cough as you light up. It also irritates your eyes. Remember that this is actually a chemical used to kill micro-organisms.



This chemical an damage blood vessels and your heart. It can also cause cancer.


Carbon Monoxide

We all know the fact that carbon monoxide harms your repiratory system drastically.



This is a chemical used in batteries and your cigarette contains it. Kidneys and arteries can get affected by this toxic substance.



We use it as a toilet cleaner. This is the chemical that makes nicotine more addictive.


Hydrogen Cynide

This causes lung cancer by destroying the cilia present in your lungs.


Nitrogen Oxide

This can cause inflammation in your lungs and thereby causes damage. You may suffer breathing issues due to this chemical.

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