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The Dangers Of Being A Workaholic

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Some of us live to eat and some of us live to work. And then our elders and the society around us treats 'workaholism' as a virtue. Well, maintaining the right balance is the key here. Sitting lazy never pays and at the same time, being too obsessed with work, performance, achievements and position is unhealthy too.

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Yes, today's successful CEOs have created this trend. And we believe that being obsessed with something in life and achieving goals is the only path towards ever lasting happiness.

Is being a workaholic bad? Many studies carried out in various parts of the world finally concluded that too much of work is going to harm the health. There are several health disorders waiting to pounce upon you the moment your immunity feels tired of guarding you.

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And then we all have discussed enough about 'stress' and what it could do to the overall health condition. So, there is no point in spending more than 8 hours in your office if you value your health, joy and family.

Now, let us discuss the effects of being a workaholic.



A study suggests that workaholics, irrespective of their success rate in their fields, fall prey to depression at one point in their lives maybe because they may realise that their lives are empty the moment their achievements are put aside.


Age Faster

Another interesting study found that workaholics may age faster compared to those who go slow and enjoy their lives better. Well, if you want your looks to last longer, maintain proper balance.


Heart Attacks

It goes without saying that workaholics are more vulnerable to certain diseases like heart issues unless their lifestyle habits and genetics protect them.



Statistics prove that workaholics tend to fail in their private lives especially in the area of relationships. Unless you have an understanding family to back you emotionally, it is tough to handle relationships when you are very obsessed with your work.



Who are the most stressed up ones in your office? Of course, the ones who are obsessed with work, power and position tend to be stressed up. Though it is good to be on your toes when you work, if work becomes your addiction, your life and health will go for a toss.


Eye Sight

A study claims that workaholics may develop eye sight issues if they continue their addiction for decades together.


Sex Life

You might argue that magic pills like Viagra can help you perform better but digest the fact that workaholics tend to fail even with the help of such pills because a mind that loves work more than romance tends to fail in the bedroom.



When things go fine, workaholics tend to seem happier than normal people but when things fail to work, they are the frustrated 'lot' around, yelling at everyone for their mistakes.


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Though there is no link between working too much and developing OCD, the risk of developing such disorders may increase a bit if you fail to curb your love towards work.


Life Needs A Fine Balance

There is a lot more to life than just clicking your mouse and hitting the keyboard. Even if you are doing what you love to do, spending all your time in your office will kill the overall happiness in your life.


The Quality Of Mind Reduces

Its a fact that your mind gets sharp when you keep using it regularly. But a mind that never takes a break fails to keep itself fresh and creative.

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