Causes Of Eye Pain And Swelling

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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Eyes can never lie. It doesn't matter how much effort you take in hiding your emotions, your eyes will tell everything

No matter how much you try to hide your feelings your eyes can convey everything.

Imagine you're in love with someone and want to propose that special someone, how would you di it if you had conjunctivitis. It's hard to imagune right? The person may mostly see red swollen eyes instead of your feelings.

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But you can't propose her with red swollen eyes. She can't see your feelings and her whole concentration will be on your eyes. Now, that's funny.

It is true that eye pain and swollen eyelids can be very painful. Do you know the causes of eye pain and swelling? Opthalmalgia is the term used to denote pain caused in the eyes. Generally, eye pain can be divided into 2 categories, which are pain at the eye's surface (Ocular pain) and pain within the eyes (Orbital pain). Sometimes, any small pain in the eyes can be transformed into some serious problems. The major symptoms of opthalmalgia are itching, redness, teary eyes, throbbing eyelids, and many more.

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You can even have vision problems caused by eye infections. This is a medical emergency. You may often notice that your eye pain resolves without any medicine. However, if it doesn't happen, don't waste time in waiting. Also, you should be aware about the major symptoms of eye pain. There are several causes of eye pain and swelling. Read on to know more about it.


1. Glaucoma

It is one of the main causes of orbital pain. When a person suffers with glaucoma, the intrusive pressure increases. Therefore, he/she feels an intense pain within the eyes. The other major symptoms of eye pain associated with glaucoma are nausea, loss of vision and headache.


2. Sinusitis

Do you have a sinus problem? Then, you must have felt a trenchant pain behind your eyes. It is also a type of orbital pain. You can have headaches and facial muscle pains due to sinus.


3. Optic Neuritis

Causes of eye pain and swelling can also be due to optic neuritis. Due to a bacterial or viral attack, you can have inflammation in your optic nerves. This kind of pain may cause a loss of vision. Don't ignore and seek treatment at the early stage.


4. Iritis

Though it is not much familiar, there are people who have suffered from this. In this case, you can experience a strong shooting pain within the eyes. It happens because of an infection and inflammation in the iris.


5. Conjunctivitis

Have you heard about a pink eye? This is the other name of conjunctivitis. It is a kind of ocular pain. Due to some allergy, the conjunctiva of your eyes can get infected. You can also feel inflammation, teary eyes, itchiness and redness in your eyes while suffering from conjunctivitis.


6. Corneal Abrasion

When you look for causes of your eye pain and swelling, you can't ignore this one. When someone suffers from this, they may feel an irritation at the cornea and you may feel like there is something, sticking to it. If you experience a pain due to this reason, consult an ophthalmologist immediately.


7. Irritation For Contact Lens

If you're new to it, you will take time to adjust to your contact lenses. So, initial pain and irritation is common. Also, if you use lenses overnight or don't sterilise it properly, irritation and infection can occur in your eyes.


8. Foreign Objects

They can be one of the most common causes of eye pain and swelling. Dust particles, pieces of makeup, soap, etc, are reasons of eye swelling and pain. It is best to flush your eyes with running water in such cases. If your eyes still hurt, consult an eye specialist.

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