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Best Ways To Clear Your Toxins In 7 Days!

By: Ajanta Sen
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Have you ever undergone a detox treatment? When your body fills with toxic substances, it becomes extremely necessary to flush them out. These toxins may enter your body through numerous sources such as pollution, unfiltered water, chemicals, medicines, etc.

Due to excess toxins in your body, you may feel lethargic, overweight, or you may suffer from body aches, headaches and constipation as well. If you are experiencing any of the mentioned symptoms, you must go in for a detox therapy. There are many ways to cleanse your body.

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Detoxifying can improve your digestion, increase your stamina and can also help you chuck out that extra fat from your body. A detox plan intends to take the burden off the kidneys, liver and the bowel, which are the main organs that are responsible in detoxifying your body.

Detoxifying also improves the performance of these organs. Once you decide to go for a detox programme, choose a period when you don’t have to attend any social events or functions such as birthday parties, marriages, etc, because these events may wreck your detox plan.

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If you want a speedy detox plan and want to know the steps of how to clear toxins away in just 7 days, follow this effective and harmless 7-day detox plan.


Start Your Day With Lemon Juice

Kick-start your morning with the juice of a half squeezed lemon in a cup of warm water. This is an age-old ritual and is one of the most effective ways to cleanse your body. Gulp this drink in an empty stomach after you wake up in the morning.



During the 7-day detox plan, it is very vital to workout daily for an hour. Exercise in such a way so that it makes you puff, pant and sweat, for example, you can walk uphill, do yoga, jogging, cycling or boxing. Energetic workouts will boost your blood circulation and help you flush-out your toxins in the form of sweat. This is one of the most imperative steps, if you are keen on knowing how to clear toxins in just 7 days.


Eat Raw Foods

During your 7-day detox plan, try to focus mainly on raw foods. Avoid eating cooked meals and give more emphasis on salads, sprouts, fruits, legumes, seeds and nuts. Raw foods are rich in enzymes and nutrients.


Drink Water

If you are serious on knowing how to clear toxins in just 7 days, you ought to drink at least 3 litres of water per day. Drinking fluids will help you move your lymph and also encourage the kidney detoxification process. However, it is advised to first evaluate the amount of water your body requires per day. Drink loads of water in the form of herbal teas, vegetable soups, fruit juices or spring water.


Brush Your Body

For skin detoxification, take a fibre body brush or a loofah and brush your skin with circular strokes before bathing. Start brushing from your feet, then the legs, arms and finally your hands and then leap into the shower. Quickly finish bathing with a gush of cold water from the shower; this will stimulate your skin's blood circulation.


Chew Your Food

Chew your food at least 10 to 12 times before you gulp it down. This will improve your digestion and you will feel content and won't be tempted to overeat.


Detox Your Mind

In the process of how to clear toxins in just 7 days, it is also necessary for you to make your mind clutter-free. Make sure to meditate for at least 15 minutes every day.

The aforementioned steps will definitely help you in understanding how to clear toxins away from your body in just 7 days! So, start this 7-day detox plan as soon as possible.

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