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8 Delicious Detox Water Recipes To Cleanse Your Body

By: Tanushree Kulkarni
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You may be trying to avoid those cold drinks, or aiming to detoxify your body of the toxins or just trying to remain fit and healthy. Detox water, which is an amazing blend of flavours and a healthy concoction can detox you and also satisfy your taste buds.

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You can transform regular drinking water into detox water with the help of some delicious and healthy ingredients from your pantry. And you don't need to spend hours doing that. This is something that can be made very easily without many hassles. So, be it losing weight or remaining healthy, whatever you goal is, you could achieve it easily with the help of the recipes here. We at Boldsky, have compiled some of the best and and the most delicious detox water recipes which you can easily make a part of your everyday life. So get creative and get healthy!


Watermelon, Lime And Mint Detox Water

Watermelon is tasty to eat and loaded with organic compounds like citrulline which helps liver and kidneys get rid of harmful ammonia which can damage your cells. Lemon is a great detox ingredient. Addition of mint to it makes it delicious too.

Just slice a good quantity of watermelon into small cubes and put them in a jar. Add 1 diced lemon to it. Add a bunch full of mint leaves and pour 2 liters of water. Let it sit for a night. Drink next morning with loads of ice.


Lemon, Cucumber And Mint Detox Water

Cucumber is a great hydrating agent. Adding it to water, makes it rich in minerals. Add lemon juice and you have a recipe which is detoxifying and helps in cleansing your digestive system too. Addition of mint adds the taste to the mix. It is also rich in numerous nutrients.


Apple Cinnamon Detox Water

Apple cinnamon water is not only packed with numerous ingredients, it is also great and delicious in taste. It also contains practically zero calories! The cinnamon present in the detox water cleanses our organs and apple provides vitamins and minerals to our body. It is a great way to keep yourself fit and healthy.


Strawberry Detox Water

Adding strawberry to anything instantly lends a great flavour to any dish. So why not add it to detox water too? Not only does it taste super delicious but it is also packed with beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. You can also add watermelon and rosemary to the mix for added benefits. This addition will make you look forward to this drink. Strawberries are a great way to add a flavor to the liquid.


Green Tea

A darling of the health conscious people which is worth a try. Green tea is a great drink to flush away harmful fats from the body. It is also rich in antioxidants. So, next time when you are grocery shopping, replace your usual tea with one and see for yourself the health benefits it offers.


Chia Detox Water

This is not only great for health but it is also delicious and fun to drink. Soak Chia seeds in water overnight. You can even swallow those chia seeds which are packed with fiber, proteins, omega-3 acids and what not! Add lime juice to make it tastier.


Mango And Lime Detox Water

Add mango and lime to detox water. This is great in taste and also rich in Vitamin C. It is also a great antioxidant. Detox waters are all about infusing the water with the nutrients from fruits and vegetables. In this case, we're using mango and lime for a delicious flavor, but you'll also get the antioxidants from the mango, and the Vitamin C from the lime.


Blueberry Orange Water

Add Blueberry to your detox water. It is a great antioxidant and also delicious to eat too.

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