Avoid These Unhealthy Mistakes In A Bathroom

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We all are well aware of the infections that can be transmitted by using an infected toilet, yet, unknowingly, we commit certain mistakes in the washroom, which can pose a risk of these infections getting transmitting to our body. We must keep in mind to always use clean and germ-free bathrooms.

Even a clean bathroom can be a source for many infections, if we don't follow certain bathroom rules. Also, make your kids understand the importance of proper sanitation in a bathroom. After reading this article, you will be well aware of the mistakes that you must avoid while using a bathroom. How To Use A Public Toilet Safely

Bathroom mistakes have become more common among folks these days, as they like to use their mobile phones in washroom, apply makeup there and store their beauty essentials and toothbrushes in the washroom cabinets. All this should be avoided with an immediate effect, as these can be the possible reasons for infections. Reasons To Keep Coconut Oil In Your Bathroom

You can find other similar bathroom mistakes to avoid in the article below. Slide on the images to know the mistakes you must avoid when in a washroom.


Carrying Your Cell Phone To The Wash Room

When you keep your mobile phone on the bathroom counter or shelves, it picks the infectious bacteria and may cause many infections. Even if you wash your hands, always think about disinfecting your phones. This can make your phone a home for many infections and, thus, can make you sick.


Not Closing The Toilet Lid During Flushing

A recent study has shown that when we flush the toilet, the small water droplets are sprinkled in the air and can spread many infections. They can reach up to a height of about 6 feet in the air from the toilet seat. The bacteria can linger in the air for a longer period of time, making a filthy film all around the room, thus making you sick.


Storing Toothbrush In The Bathroom Cabinet

Keeping your brush inside the bathroom cabinet will not let it dry. This makes a favourable environment for infectious bacteria to grow on your toothbrush. You must keep your toothbrush in an upright position and outside the bathroom. Follow this useful tip in a washroom to keep infections at bay.


Keeping Makeup Essentials On The Bathroom Counter

Never apply and keep your makeup essentials on the bathroom (toilet) shelves or on the counter. The infection present there can invade the makeup products that can later get transmitted on to your skin. This is one of the important bathroom mistakes to avoid.


Keeping Your Loofah

Another bathroom mistake we make is keep the loofah in the bathroom. Bacteria love to grow on damp and fluffy things, and these loofahs can hold a lot of bacteria because of their meshy network. Avoid keeping it in the washroom and dry it in the sun before using it.


Hanging Your Towels In The Washroom Hooks

Never hang and keep your towel in the bathroom hooks. The wet and damp towel catches much of the infectious bacteria, which later start growing on it. After wiping with a towel sun dry it in air, so that all the infectious pathogens can get killed.


Not Switching On The Fan

Make it a routine to switch on the fan (exhaust fan), this can pull the bad air and bacteria out from the bathroom. Otherwise bacteria keep lingering there creating a bad odour and many infections. Not switching the fan on can be one of the unhealthy mistakes to avoid in the washroom.

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