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12 Effective Gym Exercises For Rapid Weight Loss

By Super

Obesity is a common problem of your lives. Skipping breakfast, unhealthy eating habits, late night jobs and many more are reasons behind it. But none want an obese figure, right?

So, which exercises for weight loss will be good for you? Lots of weight loss tips come as answer of this question. At youth, sometimes you don’t care about gaining weight. But the negative impact of it comes when you grow a little older.

Best Exercises For Strong Bones

Weight gain can bring high BP, cholesterol, diabetes and likewise. Not only at old age, but these problems can occur much before. So, it is very necessary to exercise for weight loss from the beginning. Whatever your age or sex, the solution of your obesity is exercise for weight loss.

Which exercises will be good to lose weight rapidly? Go to a good gym, talk to your trainer and then decide what exercises will be good for you to lose your weight fast. Still, for your benefits, here are some weight loss tips for you.

Running: Best exercise for weight loss. If you run every day on treadmill for 20 minutes, you can get result within 3 weeks. Extra fat will burn soon and you will feel healthy surely.

Stationery Bikes: An equipment to keep abdomen and thighs in shape. These are designed for comfort of users and it is very easy also to cycle on it.

Tread-climbing Machines: Effective to lose weight rapidly as you get benefits of treadmill along with climbing effect to lose fat of your thighs and legs.

The Rowing Machine: Whenever you row, not only extra fats get burnt by this, but it also lessens the back pain and abdominal fat. It also gives toned limbs.

Aerobics: This weight loss tip is especially for those who don’t like machines. Start dancing with the music and lose weight rapidly.

Elliptical Machine: Steering it burns hand and abdomen fat. Hips, legs and back will be toned by pedalling. So speed up, lose weight. Simple, no?

Cardio Exercises: Effective way to control fat with a perfect gym and efficient trainer. Along with this exercise, you need to be cautious towards eating habits.

Kettlebell: Loads of calories can be burnt. It is helpful to core muscles. Try and you will not regret but be careful if you are new to it.

Cross Fit: Cross fit enhances your speed, cardio respiratory fitness and power along with weight loss.

Jumping Ropes: Who among you has not played with jumping ropes at childhood? Now it’s time to play again for a good cause. Weight loss.

Circuit Training: Combination of strength training and cardio. Helps to keep balance of fats and calories in body. Consult your trainer as soon as possible.

Interval Workouts: While exercising, you need to give time to your body to recover from the tiredness of fast workouts. These help you to relax and pace down your body.

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Story first published: Monday, January 26, 2015, 2:01 [IST]