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10 Worst Habits That Kill Intelligence


We often don't realize that our habits and the lifestyles we adopt have massive capabilities to influence our mental health. Mental health is paramount to ensuring healthy functioning of almost every organ in the body. We all know of the fact that our cerebellum is responsible for coordinating the action of several internal body systems. Considering the importance of adopting healthy lifestyles for better mental health, we look at certain things that affect mental health. We basically look at habits that affect mental health.


Let us go ahead and look at these worst habits that kill intelligence. These can also be classified as habits that affect memory, habits that affect the brain, habits that ruin memory and habits that deteriorate mental health. Read on...



Medical research has proven the role of oversleeping in depression. Oversleeping not only affects mental health but is also responsible for increasing the risk of dreaded diseases like diabetes. Oversleeping in this context refers to getting more sleep than the required 6-9 hours of sleep in a day.



Consuming alcohol once in a while is known to serve several health benefits. However, over consumption that mostly involves regular binge drinking can take a major toll on one's mental health, studies have shown. Binge drinking is known to cause memory problems besides being a leading cause for anxiety and depression.


Lack Of Exercise

We all know for a fact that regular exercise is perhaps the best way to boost mental health. However, a lack of exercise makes people more susceptible to stress, further leading to mental illnesses.



Effective management of stress is definitely an art by itself. In the context of habits that affect mental health, it sure cannot be said that stress is a habit. However, not managing stress effectively by adopting unfavourable lifestyles can make you more vulnerable to mental illnesses. As a matter of fact, stress in itself is seen as a major promoter of anxiety and depression.



Smoking is another promoter of bad mental health. Too much smoking has the ability to interfere with normal functioning of brain cells, leading to decreased memory power and mental inactivity over the long run.



Drugs are the worst things you can take to if you wish to maintain sublime mental health. Heavy drug consumption can cause severe mental problems besides just anxiety and depression.


Lack Of Sleep

Just like oversleeping has its own problems, a lack of sleep can cause imbalances in brain functioning as well. A lack of sleep is seen to be a major promoter of anxiety in young people.


Not Wanting To Learn Anything New

This is another one of those things that affect your brain and overall mental health. Not wanting to learn anything new does not allow for further growth of your brain. As a matter of fact, your brain more or less becomes stagnant if you do not feed it with information. Constantly feed your brain with information if you wish to enable sublime metal health.


Not Eating Right

Banking too much on fried foods, junk and other unhealthy foods can take a terrible toll on your overall mental well being. Foods that are unhealthy slow down your brain's processing power over time and lead to scores of health problems.


A Bad Social Life

It is good to enjoy one's company. In fact, it is a proven way to boost your capabilities, be it mental or physical. If we have observed, our brains are almost hardwired to socialize, right from the time we first start attending school. A life that lacks socializing can lead to disharmony in though, contributing to reduced mental capacities in the long run.

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Story first published: Monday, November 17, 2014, 18:09 [IST]
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