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9 Strange Causes Of Forgetfulness


Forgetfulness is something we often brush off as a minor thing. We say that some people are forgetful by nature and others have a sharp memory. It is true that not everyone is blessed with a good memory. However, the causes of forgetfulness in adults should be taken seriously. Your memory is something on which you do not have any control. So if you are forgetting more and more stuff lately, you better find out the causes of your bad memory.

Your memory deteriorates with age for sure. The brains of babies are like sponges; they can absorb everything around them and retain it. However, as you grow older and more things get cluttered into your brain, you tend to become forgetful. The causes of forgetfulness are often related to stress, lack of sleep and hormones.


Drugs, both medical and narcotics, can make you lose the sharpness of your memory. In regard to your memory, you need to be careful and be sure whether it is just forgetfulness or dementia. So learn more about the causes of forgetfulness in depth.


Lack Of Sleep

One of the main causes of forgetfulness in adults is lack of sleep. If you are not getting 8 hours of restful sleep at night, then your mind remains fuzzy. You tend to forget things and remain confused. Over a period of time, sleep deprivation can lead to dementia.



When your your mind is stressed, your memory always suffers. Stress does not allow you to concentrate on anything. It tends to block out memories that could otherwise have been retained.


Drugs Like Weed

If you are smoking pot or taking other types of narcotic drugs, then it is obvious that it can affect your memories. Such drugs make your brain slow and lazy. As a result, you tend to get more forgetful.



If your thyroid gland is not as active as it should be, you tend to have a bad memory. It leads to sleep disturbances and can also make you disturbed emotionally.



Pregnancy is always associated with muddle headedness. The pregnancy hormones cause what is called the pregnant brain fog. You tend to forget words, dates and generally become absentminded. You lose things easily because you forget where you have kept them.



Binge drinking can affect you even after the hangover wears over. Drinking too much alcohol can make you lose focus of facts and even lead to short term memory loss if you pass out after drinking too much. You can actually have phases where memory goes complete blank.



If you are going through a phase of depression and emotional lows, then it is possible for you to become abnormally forgetful. Since your mind is occupied elsewhere in brooding, you tend to slip up on a few things here and there.



As you age, you skin gets wrinkles, your eyes lose vision and your brain cells become slow. Your memory cannot be as sharp at 70 as it used to be at 17. But you need to be careful to know whether it is just forgetfulness or dementia that affects many people at an advanced age.



Certain groups of medications can actually make your brain go fuzzy. You tend to be a little forgetful even when you drink cough syrup for cold infections. But it is mainly anti-depressants and hormone tablets that give you a bad memory.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 25, 2014, 19:30 [IST]
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