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How To Care For Sensitive Teeth?

By Deepa Ranganathan

Have you been experiencing discomfort when consuming cold/hot products like ice creams or coffee? Do you feel a sudden pair when fresh cold air passes through your teeth? You could be suffering from what’s called sensitive teeth. There are plenty of reasons for sensitivity

One of the major causes for sensitivity could be over brushing. If you have been too tough on your teeth while brushing, you are exposing the roots of your teeth by damaging the enamels.

This could induce sensitivity. If you are suffering from cracked teeth, it could give room to plaques and bacteria thus causing a nerve to become sensitive. If you have a habit of clenching your teeth, it could over a period of time lead to sensitivity.

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Age is another major cause of sensitive teeth. If you have been using products to whiten your teeth like baking soda or some such product, you may face sensitive teeth over a period of time.

Tooth decay can also lead to sensitive teeth. Consulting a dentist is a good idea when facing sensitivity issues. There are many home remedies that you can apply to care for sensitive teeth. Here’s how to care for sensitive teeth.


Good Oral Hygiene

Care for sensitive teeth includes good and regular oral hygiene. As part of this, you would need to brush your teeth twice a day. Floss your tongue properly so that the dirt and other particles are flushed out. You should also try and use a mouth wash every time you have eaten something so that the particles don't stick to your teeth.


Sensitivity Toothpaste

When you are posed with a question, how to care for sensitive teeth? Sensitivity toothpastes are like miracle answers. There are a few sensitivity toothpastes available in the markets. You can even choose one that your dentist recommends. Using it regularly would give your teeth freedom from sensitivity.


Soft Brushes

If you use a brush with hard bristles, you will increase the issues of sensitivity. When checking out how to care for sensitive teeth, use soft brushes that will brush well while caring for your sensitive teeth.


Avoid Brushing too Hard

When you begin brushing hard, you are actually increasing sensitivity. When brushing hard, the roots of your teeth get exposed thus giving you a lot of pain. In fact, brushing hard can also cause gum and root problems increasing sensitivity.


Acidic Foods

Tooth enamel gets worn out when you begin consuming acidic foods like vinegar, juices, salad dressing etc. After you are done consuming these foods, you should wash your mouth with water or some mouth wash. This would help clear out the particles from sticking to your teeth and thus affecting the tooth enamel.


Utilize Fluoridated Products for Teeth

Care for sensitive teeth by using fluoridated products. You can use mouth rinse and toothpastes that contain fluorides which in turn help strengthen the tooth enamel. Stronger the tooth enamel, less sensitive your teeth. So, include fluorides in your dental products.


Gargles with Warm Water

In case your teeth are sensitive only to the cold of ice creams, you have a better way to deal with it. Gargle you mouth with warm water once you are done eating. It will help desensitize and in the long run the cold chills of ice cream won't affect your teeth.


Toothpaste as Medicine

Some dentists recommend applying small quantities of toothpaste along portions of teeth that appear to be sensitive. You can do that to care for sensitive teeth.

Visiting a dentist regularly and getting teeth cleaned up is a good idea to care for sensitive teeth.

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