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Quick Fixes For A Bad Hair Day: Handy Tips

Is bad hair your worst nightmare? Then you are not alone! Everyone suffers from bad hair days. And it can happen at any time - your first date, first day at college or your own birthday or sometimes a job interview.

Whatever be the case, your hair is in a mess and you have got to deal with it wisely. A bad hair day is enough to screw up your mood, hence it is necessary to know how to tackle it properly.

Find out what quick fix hairstyles you can use to cover up your bad hair day. At least then you won't spend the whole day worrying about your hair.

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We bring to you a few tips on quick fixes for a bad hair day. Read on to know more.

1. A spray
If you have curly hair, you certainly know there is no use going to bed with a classy hair-do! When you have got to deal with a frizzy hair, a spray may do wonders. It is a sure shot quick fix for a bad hair day. Always keep a conditioning spray with you and get your beautiful curls shiny and bouncy.

2. Crimp it
You woke up late and now there's no time to wash your oily hair? Don't worry. Crimping can turn your oily hair into a blessing. Just tie a crimped ponytail and this could turn out to be one of the best hairstyles for a bad hair day.

3. Combing tricks
Comb your hair away from your face if you desire a flawless look. If you want a quick fix for a bad hair day, then try this combing trick.

4. Cover it up
If you want to turn the luck in your favor and turn a bad hair day into a good hair day, then here's what you can do. Just wrap a scarf around your head. This will not just look stylish but also turn your worst hair day into a good one.

5. A big fat bun
There are girls who hesitate to say "good-bye" to their hair and realize a stunning hairstyle may not be possible with split-ends on their hair. The best hairstyle for a bad hair day is to wear a big fat bun, which will also cover up the split ends. Don't worry, you will get that wow look in just a matter of minutes.

Fret no more about bad hair days. With these quick fixes, you can walk out with your head held high!

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