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Does Coffee Help In Weight Loss?


Coffee as an aid to weight loss has always been a contentious issue. Coffee is considered to have no effect on weight loss or weight gain by many. Some believe that coffee has both positive and negative effects on the body which entirely depends on the intake pattern. There are doubts about how effective coffee is in helping reducing weight.

Coffee addicts or caffeine addicts have negative effects on their body because of the addiction and frequent intake of coffee. But if coffee is consumed moderately, the benefits are worth it.

So, how does coffee help in reducing weight? The caffeine does help in reducing weight by controlling our hunger cravings and metabolism. The coffee benefits for weigh loss can be enhanced by making some changes in the way you make your coffee. In this article, we shall discuss how coffee helps in reducing weight.

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Moderate intake– Coffee is good for health till it is consumed in a limit. Too much of sugar filled and cream rich coffee cannot help in weight loss. In fact it will aid in weight gain. Therefore, moderate consumption will help in controlling hunger cravings. Too much of anything is bad for health, same applies to caffeine. Increased coffee consumption can cause depression which often leads to overeating. Therefore, moderate consumption of coffee is the answer to how does coffee help in weight loss.

Increases Energy And Metabolism – To have weight loss benefits from coffee, cut down sugar and cream from your coffee. Have espresso, that is, black coffee instead of the sweet and fattening coffee. You can replace white sugar with brown sugar or have it sugar free. Skimmed milk or toned milk is also a great option for fat rich milk. Caffeine increases energy and body metabolism. Therefore, coffee intake is also beneficial before a workout. It increases alertness, energy and stamina required for a good workout session.

Coffee And Hunger – Coffee tends to reduce hunger cravings. Therefore, for weight loss you must have a cup of coffee after dinner. Late night food often leads to weight gain. Therefore, have a salad in the night which is good for weight loss and have a cup of freshly brewed coffee. The reduced hunger cravings answers to how does coffee help in reducing weight. Regular and proper intake of coffee will act as a catalyst for weight loss.

Blend it – Coffee alone will not be so effective in weight loss. It acts more of a catalyst and aids in weight loss. Blend coffee in your weight loss diet for increased effectiveness of the diet. Do not rely completely on coffee for weight loss. A cup of coffee a day say in the evening can help you curb that craving you may have for an unhealthy fried snack.

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Story first published: Saturday, March 1, 2014, 16:04 [IST]
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