10-minute Workout Tips For Women


Due to busy schedules, it has become tough for working professionals to take some time out for workouts and exercises. Workout is important, especially for women. For women who face time crunch, a 10-minute workout to lose belly fat is an instant and less time consuming fitness regime.


The 10-minute workout for flat stomach helps in keeping you fit and healthy. All you need is just a few minutes to make it happen. The following are some fitness tips which will help you to reduce weight and get a flat tummy:

Workout To Lose Belly Fat | Workout For Flat Stomach | Exercise For Women

Do a 2-minute warm up - Aggressive warm up exercises for two minutes is the start to the 10-minute workout to loose belly fat. You can either do vigorous skipping for 2 minutes or you may go for spot jogging or spot jumping. The 2-minute warm up should be effective and make your body ready for further exercises. It is quite essential to have a good warm up in the beginning of any exercise regime. The same applies to the 10-minute workout for flat tummy regime.

A 30-second break - After the warm up exercise, one must always take a short break before moving forward. The break is to give some time for your muscles to relax and for you to calm down. A 30-second break is important in the 10 minute workout to loose belly fat. After a set of workouts, a small break should be included. This will help the body to relax and prepare for the next exercise. Be careful that you do not take a long break and make your body lazy for the next workout.

Crunches - Rigorous crunches continuously for 5 minutes would be the best thing to do to loose your belly fat. Crunches are the permanent solution to belly fat. You must include crunches in the 10-minute workout for flat tummy. In the beginning, doing crunches continuously for 5 minutes can be hurting. Therefore, beginners should do 2 sets of 15 crunches in the start. They can take it a little slow. Also, after doing the crunches, you must take a break for 30 seconds again. This is quite important to relax yourself.

Stretching - Once you are done with the short break after the crunches, the next thing you need to do is cool down your body by stretching your muscles. Stretching exercises also help in toning the tummy muscles along with relaxing the heart beats. Stretching in the 10-minute workout to loose belly fat can include yoga exercises like surya namaskar and various other poses that help in reducing belly fat. Stretching can be done for two to three minutes.

Relaxation - Lie down on the ground and stay there for several seconds till you feel your heart beats normalising. The shavasana of yoga is the best to relax after the 10-minute workout to loose belly fat.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, May 14, 2014, 1:03 [IST]
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