How To Keep Blood Pressure Constant

Blood pressure is something that has come along with the stressful and hectic life of the digital age. With technology your way of handling life has become easy but the overall life has become one complicated version. You look out for time for yourself amidst the high stress levels. While lifestyle is a determining factor for high blood pressure, so is age. You would find yourself hugged by high blood pressure when you have reached a certain age, say something over 45.

Hypertension is just the beginning of a high blood pressure journey and your doctors would ask you to take control of your pressure as soon as they declare high blood pressure grounds on them. Well considering the fact that high blood pressure means a lot of issues including heart attacks and strokes, you need to be careful about it. A hypertension symptom on a single day will not really endanger you. You will need to be checked on several occasions to make sure you arereally suffering from high blood pressure.


While high blood pressure is a constant issue, low blood pressure has its own disadvantages. It can lower your body performance or cause other issues. The real thing that you need to do is to make sure your blood pressure is constant. Here are some ways to keep your blood pressure constant.


Brisk Morning Walk

Nothing works like a brisk morning walk. You will feel the warmth of the morning surrounding you making you all happy and healthy. When you walk in the early hours of morning and take a 15 minutes brisk walk along some quite peaceful lane, you will find the difference in the body. Exercise has wonderful effects on your health especially your blood pressure.

Rid Excess Weight

In case you are overweight, you may want to figure out a way to shed those extra calories. Blood pressure is also an effect of being over weight and possessing high levels of cholesterol. In case you are suffering from weight issues, it is probably a good idea to lose it off. Probably at the end of it you will be fine and healthy.

Healthy Diet

This is something that you totally ignore in the lifestyle you have grown accustomed to. Healthy eating habits make sure that you don't have any body or health problems. Blood pressure is an effect of unhealthy diet. When you diet includes more of fried and junk food instead of nutritional elements, you will see that your blood pressure shoots up. You should always have a healthy and balanced diet consisting of all the necessary nutrients.

Monitoring the BP

When you tend to monitor your blood pressure constantly, you find out that you are more careful about the whole thing. It is a known fact that people who keep a constant eye on their blood pressure tend to be more insistent on reducing it than the others. Make sure you have bought a bp monitoring kit.

In Between Snacking

Can you ever avoid in between snacking that you have grown habituated to? Well in case no, you should consider attacking on some nutritional snacks. You should have something that will give in to your nutritional needs. Tortilla chips or something made of the essential nutrients is good. Don't go in for junk as that will help increase the blood pressure or cause other health issues.

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    Story first published: Saturday, May 10, 2014, 6:02 [IST]
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