Health Benefits Of Tofu

By: Asha Das
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Tofu is a smooth white block made from soybeans, which is rich in proteins and low in sodium, cholesterol and calories. Tofu is made in a very similar manner like making cheese where milk or soy milk is coagulated with vinegar or lemon juice. Tofu has a history of 2000 years. Since the effect of soybean on health itself is an active topic of debate, tofu also has to face all the same questions. Tofu is a hero in the world of controversies on its good and bad effects. Here are some interesting facts about Tofu.

Health benefits of tofu:

Health Benefits Of Tofu

Tofu is not bland: Do not think tofu is bland. If you feel tofu is tasteless, probably the reason will be your recipe. Tofu has an excellent ability to absorb spices and marinades. If you remember to remove as much water as you can from the soybeans, then you will be able to make a delicious dish.

Tofu provides enough nutrients: Tofu is rich in proteins, iron and calcium. It is packed with 10 grams of protein per half-cup serving. Tofu contains plant-based soy isoflavones, which is found to be effective in preventing cancer. It has eight of the essential amino acids that cannot be synthesized from other compounds in the human body.

Tofu keeps you in shape: One of the health benefits of tofu is, it is excellent for a weight control diet. It will provide energy and nutrients to the body. But at the same time it is low in calories and cholesterol. Tofu does not contain saturated fat and is very low in fat.

Healthy alternative to panner: Paneer is widely used in Indian cuisine. Also known as cottage cheese, paneer is fatty and for some people, it is difficult to digest. Tofu is low in cals and is easy to digest too. This is one of the uprising health benefits of tofu.

Tofu will not make you a gay: It is a common myth that Tofu contains oestrogen which can implement feminine characters on men. Certain studies show that soy is dangerous for boys during puberty. But some other studies show that this is not true since tofu contains isoflavone phytochemicals that fall in the "phytoestrogen" or "plant" estrogen category.

Too much tofu is not good: Due to isoflavones, hypoythyroidism is one risk of taking too much tofu. It is also found associated with cognitive impairment and brain atrophy later in life.

These are few facts and health benefits of eating tofu. How do you use tofu in your diet?

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 2, 2013, 4:04 [IST]
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