Soda Effects On Kidney

By: Tara Hari
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Carbonated drinks are one of the main public enemies, due to their contribution to obesity. Diet sodas have been denounced due to the artificial sweeteners used in them which are rumored to cause anything from cancer to multiple sclerosis.

But according to a new research, it is not the artificial sweeteners we have to watch out for in diet sodas. A recent study has found that if you drink more than two sodas every day, you are increasing your risk of contracting chronic kidney disease. The soda can be cola, non-cola, diet or any sugar sweetened carbonated drink.

Listed below are some of the soda effects on kidneys.


Phosphoric Acid

Sodas usually contain a high level of phosphoric acid, which is associated with urinary changes that affect the formation of kidney stones. Phosphoric acid is known to bind with other minerals, like calcium, in the kidneys and cause the formation of kidney stones. Kidney stones are solid masses of minerals that can become ensnared in the kidneys' small filtering tubules called nephrons. The harmful effect of soda on the kidney is limited to cola drinks. Non-cola drinks are not considered as a high risk for kidney disease.



Sodas usually contain a mineral called Sodium. It is a type of salt that will increase your risk of contracting chronic kidney disease. Kidney disease is a chronic illness characterized by the inability to filter out waste from your body and increasing the risk of toxin buildup in your blood. Complications that involve high blood pressure, a condition that can lead to heart attacks, cardiovascular disease and stroke are also increased due to kidney disease.


Citrus Sodas

Only certain types of soda have harmful effects on your kidney. If you opt for citrus sodas then you will lessen your chance of contracting kidney stones as they reduce the incidence of calcium oxalate stones. Carbonated drinks contain citrate, which is a compound that hinders the formation of kidney stones. You can opt for incorporating diet citrus soda in your diet, as the regular kind has sugar content that can cause diabetes and heart conditions.


Artificial Sweeteners

Diet sodas claim to be sugar free, but the sugar content in artificial sweeteners are higher than normal sugar when compared on a gram-to-gram basis. Research showed that drinking diet sodas have a negative effect on kidney function. Consumption of these sodas twice a day leads to two-fold increase in the odds of causing a decline in kidney function.



Almost all sodas contain caffeine in it, which does not have positive effects on the kidney. This is because caffeine is a substance that increases blood pressure and causes a rise in the risk of kidney disease. This is especially true for diet soda, which is directly related to spike in blood pressure. This research came out with the conclusion that increased risk of blood pressure is not caused by caffeine consumption, but is affected with sweetened soda or diet soda.


Corn Syrup

Sodas might have negative effect on kidneys due to the high fructose corn syrup added to it. This corn syrup contains high levels of calories, which cause kidney disease and increase in blood pressure. This occurs because corn syrup contributes to insulin sensitivity and obesity.

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