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Oily Skin: Foods To Eat And Avoid

Many young men and women suffer from the problem of oily skin. Mostly, the oil glands under your skin are hyperactive during your teenage which leads to many problems like acne and blackheads. While some part of this problem is a natural one, food for oily skin has a large role to play here. The right diet can help you control the effects of oily skin. And an unhealthy diet with oily foods can make even a normal skin oily.

So if you have oily skin, food is your best way to battle it. If you eat the right foods for oily skin, then you can easily control the extent of stickiness on your face. But if you continue to indulge in fattening oily foods then your face will soon start looking like a frying pan. Your diet is vital if you want to keep your oil glands under check.

Most people have certain basic misconceptions about foods for oily skin. Not all oily foods are necessarily bad for your skin. Some essential oils like omega-3 fatty acids are good for the skin and help to flush out toxins. Similarly, all fruits and vegetables are not good foods for your skin. You need to pick and choose what you eat wisely.

So here is a list of foods for oily skin that you must eat and avoid.


Cucumber: Eat

Cucumbers have 95 percent water content in them. That is why, they hydrate the skin and flush out toxins and excess oil.


Fried Chips: Avoid

Fried chips are great to eat but they contain saturated fats. The oil and grease on them will make your skin all the more oily.


Citrus Fruits: Eat

Citrus fruits like oranges, limes and pineapples have detoxifying properties. The Vitamin C in these fruits helps to clean up the excess oil and toxins in the skin.


Fatty Red Meat: Avoid

Red meat is usually considered to be fattening. The saturated fats in the meat leads to excessive oiliness in the skin. Have leans cuts of meat instead of the fatty ones.


Fluid n Juices: Eat

Fluids and juices have plenty of water content. And the best way to banish oil from your skin is to drink lots of water. Having fresh juices and soups thus helps to keep your skin oil-free.


Dairy Products: Avoid

Butter, cream, cheese and all other milk products are very oily. So if you are already struggling with oily skin, avoid dairy products. Low fat yogurt is the only milk product that might do your skin some good.


Green Vegetables: Eat

What you need to flush out oils from your skin is fibre. And green vegetables give you plenty of dietary fibres. These vegetables also have minimum oil or fat content.


Sugary Drinks: Avoid

Too much sugar inspires your oil glands to produce all the more oils. So avoid carbonated cool drinks and beverages that have added sugar.


Pulses: Eat

Pulses unlike carbs have amino acids. These pulses do not break down into excess sugar so they keep the oil balance of your skin intact.


Polished Cereals: Avoid

Polished cereals like white wheat, pasta etc are bad for your skin. They are stripped of the dietary fibres. They also spike your blood sugar level which in turn leads to oily skin.


Cold Water Fish: Eat

Cold water fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats helps to flush out toxins from the skin and keep your skin hydrated and moisturised as well.


Deep Fried Foods: Avoid

Fried chicken, potatoes, fish etc are all bad for your skin. Deep fried foods have much more oil that is required by your body. As a result, the excess oil seeps through your skin pores.


Grapefruit: Eat

Grapefruit has plenty of water content, Vitamin C and dietary fibres that helps to soak up the extra oil in your skin. In other words it is the perfect food for oily skin.


Chocolate: Avoid

Plain cocoa may be good for your skin. But cocoa that is sweetened and mixed with milk will only make your skin more oilier.


Raw Food: Eat

Eat salads and fruits as much as you can. Some minimum amount of oil is required for cooking food. But raw food will not have any kind of oils and fats.

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