Medical Causes Of Sunken Eyes

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They say that eyes are the window to your soul. In reality, your eyes are also the best mirrors to your health. Shinning bright eyes like new pennies may symbolise that you are in the pink of health. Similarly a pair of sunken eyes make you look ill instantly. We often try to combat sunken eyes with eye packs and remedies.

But the causes of sunken eyes are most often medical rather than cosmetic. Under-eye gels and eye packs will only work on sunken eyes externally. But they will not take care of the internal causes of sunken eyes. To make your eyes appear healthy, you must treat the cause of sunken eyes from within.

Sunken Eyes

Medical Causes Of Sunken Eyes

Lack Of Sleep
Never deny yourself the 8 hours of beauty sleep. Lack of sleep is not a a trivial thing anymore. Sunken eyes indicate that you are not sleeping well over a period of time. And sleeplessness can lead to various health problems like memory loss, high blood pressure and memory loss.

Unbalanced Weight Loss
If you are on an extreme diet to lose weight, you may start noticing that your eyes look sunken. This is because most diets make you lose weight from your face. When you lose layers of fat from your face, your eyes look like deep set hollows. This is not a sign of good health. You must look for a more balanced means of weight loss.

When you lose fluids from your body due to heat or exertion, you are in a state of dehydration. Losing substantial amount of water from your body may also be the cause of sunken eyes. You must drink water with sugar and salt to supply your body with fluids as well as essential electrolytes.

If you are recovering from a serious illness like dengue or malaria, you might have dark circles under your eyes. This just means that you are suffering from malnutrition and general weakness. You need lots of rest and healthy food to make your eyes look healthy again.

Vitamin Deficiency
Very often some or the other form of malnutrition is responsible for sunken and dark under-eye patches. Deficiency of Vitamin C and K can make your eyes look shrunk and tired. Even iron deficiency can make you look tired. So get all the essential vitamins and minerals in your diet to stop yourself from having sunken eyes.

These are some of the medical causes of sunken eyes that you need to keep in mind. Eat healthy and drink lots of fluids to maintain a healthy look in your eyes.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 2, 2013, 3:29 [IST]
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