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How To Order Healthy Food At Restaurants?

By Madhu Babu

Choosing the restaurant is a task if you wish to eat healthy. Avoid junk based restaurants which sell fatty burgers and sandwiches or even chaats to a large extent. These give you very little nutrition in turn make you work that much harder the next day at the gym.Hotel food is not always fresh either. That is why, you should try to order something that has to be made fresh after you order it.

As excess of anything is bad, its recommended you limit the number of visits to restaurants each month. Always eat just enough to fill your appetite and do not shy from packing the excess leftovers.


Order Light

Its important to order regular portions to start with rather than be tempted for combos or large portions. Do not be tempted by their marketing, be sure about what quantity of serves right for you and your group in general.


Know your order

Its wise to know what you are ordering. Do not be drawn to dishes by their fancy names. Ask your waiter as to how its made and what its consists off. Avoid deep fried, pan fried crispy items. Choose dishes that are baked, grilled or steamed which use very little or no oil for preparation.



A glass of wine is fine but a mug of beer is your ticket to an hour of extra gym. Avoid sugary aerated beverages with your meal. They only complicate your digestion process and add to those extra calories. Sip on plain clean water or have a bowl of soup before meal.


Vegetables always

Always prefer dishes with lots of vegetables. Restaurants tend to make dishes that taste good, hence those dishes with lots of vegetables help you to stay healthy. Have a vegetable salad as a starter or as a side dish. They tend to fill your hungry stomach and reduce the risk of excess calorie intake.


Beware of desserts

In multi-course meals, you are given plenty of options which include chocolaty cakes and varieties of ice creams. As tempting as it sounds, its advisable to choose something which comes with fresh cut fruits. That way you get to cover daily dose of nutrients and consume lots of fibres.


Avoid Red

Its best to avoid red meat to a large extent. Instead choose sea food which is good for your heart. Sea food consists of omega-3 acids that are beneficial for your health. Choose a good sushi bar if you are in the mood to have raw fish.

Story first published: Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 23:33 [IST]
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