Healthy Snacks For Slumber Parties

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Slumber parties are fun and a nice way to get together with friends and closed ones too. During a slumber party, one of the basic things that you need to have ready is good and healthy food to keep enjoying the night.

There are specific foods which help you to be active & awake and there are other foods which you should avoid when you are having or attending a slumber party. No doubt, there will be loads of ice cream jars and packs of chocolate bars all over the bed ready for your group of girls to dig in and consume. But, then again, you should also think of ways in which you can have a healthy slumber party with the right type of foods.

So, we have put together 15 types of healthy snacks for slumber parties. You can take a note of these healthy snacks and make sure you add them to your grocery list when you decide to have a slumber party next.

Today, women have become so conscious of what they eat and are ready to follow any diet which consists of healthy foods. On one hand, these women are so health conscious that they try in all possible ways to avoid slumber parties for one reason that these parties only serve high calorie foods and nothing else. We have thus proven this notion to be wrong and listed 15 healthy snacks for slumber parties.



This is one of the most healthiest berries from the berry fruit family. You and your friends can make a healthy strawberry milkshake with fresh cut strawberries and skim milk. This shake will provide you with good amount of calcium for healthy bones.



Munch on a bowl of blueberries if you are hungry. These berries are energy boosters that will make you feel refreshed and energetic. You can also top this midnight snack with a small amount of whipped cream.



You must know that crackers are healthier than normal cream biscuits. Crackers are considered a healthy snack for slumber parties as it belongs to the multi-grain category. If you don't like to eat plain crackers apply a thin layer of cheese spread.



The salty 'microwave' popcorn is what you should eat. This healthy snack for slumber parties is healthier as it consists of corn which is a rich source in fibre. You can squeeze a dash of lemon over the popcorn to help cut the fat and add a tangy taste to the snack.



One of the best and healthy snacks for a slumber party is frozen mint yogurt. Add a few mint leaves to your frozen yogurt to give you that spicy flavour. Yogurt is high in protein and low in fat which is good for one's health.



Now who does not love the taste of chocolate at any moment of the day? However, if you are consuming chocolate as a midnight snack, make sure it is dark chocolate as it is good for your heart.



Dried figs are the best midnight and healthy snack for slumber parties. You can also add other dried fruits as it is rich in Vitamin A and C.


Cinnamon Buns

You will never come across any youngster who does not like cinnamon rolls or buns. Cinnamon is a best ingredient for you to consume post dinner as it helps in digestion



You may frown that we are recommending this midnight snack for you, but it is good for your health. They are a storehouse of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that can be used by our body for overnight healing and nourishment.



Consuming a good amount of nuts will make you stay awake longer during a slumber party. Nuts are rich in antioxidants and is the best known midnight snack. After all you need protein to stay awake don't you?



Salsa contains no fat and it is an easy dish to prepare in seconds. This healthy snack for slumber parties can be tried out with a combination of sweet fruits and hot chillies.



If you have a combination of milk and cookies, it is surely a treat for your tummy. Milk is low in calories and fat which is also good in Vitamin C.


Whole grains

For slumber parties, you can opt for any dishes which consist of whole grains. Oats and barley are some of the whole grain dishes you can choose from.


Fruit Juice

You can sip on a hundred percent fruit juice which is a nutrient-dense beverage. Fruit juices have all the benefits one can get from consuming whole fruits.



If you love the taste of cheese, relish on cottage cheese which is a healthy snack post dinner. Cottage cheese has less amount of fats when compared to other types of cheeses.

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