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Sugar Has Health Benefits Too!

Sugar has always been categorised by as villain as far as health is concerned. But sugar has health benefits too. While it is true that sugar makes you put on weight, it is also true that your body needs sugar to stay healthy. The health benefits of sugar are not implicit under normal conditions. But when your health is down, nothing works like sugar.

Your body needs sugar for strength and energy. Despite the fact that sugar leads to weight gain and several other disorders, you cannot deny that sugar gives you instant energy. In a nugget, sugar has health benefits and can be very useful to you.

Instant Energy

Sugar is source of instant energy. When sugar goes into our blood, it gets converted into glucose which is the simplest form of sugar. Then the glucose is absorbed by the cells of the body and produces energy. If you are totally tired after a long day of physical labour, sugar cubes are the best way to give you energy. Some sports persons carry sugar cubes in their pockets so that they can get some instant energy on the field.

Low Blood Pressure

People who suffer from low blood pressure are advised to carry sugar cubes with them at all times. Having sugar can raise your blood pressure immediately. If you are about to have a black out due to low blood pressure, swallow some sugar.

For Diabetics

Diabetics have a fluctuating sugar level. If you are on insulin supplements and do not eat food for a long time, the blood sugar level in your body goes down. At that point of time, your body needs raw sugar to revive itself.

Sugar For Your Brain

Your brain cannot function without sugar. Do you know why you have blackouts? It is because the sugar supply to your brain is cut off. So the health benefits of sugar include the proper functioning of your brain. However too much sugar has bad effects on your brain so always have it in moderation.

Cures Depression

Sugar is an instant cure for depression. Sugar gives you a 'high'. That is why they say that chocolate can help you heighten your mood. Sugar makes you feel good about yourself. But mind you, this 'high' is always short lived and you might end up getting addicted to it.

Sugar Therapy

Some medical practitioners believe that sugar can heal wounds much faster than medicines. Some nasty wounds can be healed with granulated sugar much faster than antibiotics. However, you cannot try sugar therapy on your own. You need the help of an expert medical doctor for it.

So these are some of the health benefits of sugar. How much sugar do you have in a day?

Story first published: Friday, April 12, 2013, 8:21 [IST]
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